A Night

A man in the freshly paved street is on fire

He had a tongue ring and long blonde hair, looked a lot like Axl Rose at 35
He flirted with me, used ridiculous lines, something about emotional security.
Later I watched him get arrested for possession in the parking lot arguing with police, saying that he was just using the bathroom; “How you gonna arrest me for using the bathroom!” He sounded so ‘come upon.’ That voice, nonsense. He really put himself into it. I stood outside against the motel’s concrete wall staring, giggling inside. It was beautiful. He was ludicrous.



I lost her. Snakes; not the natural kind,
Gliding around it, squeezing her muscle out.
Swimming dizzy under a black lake,
Almost thick as tar trying to be Egyptian Asps.
A slithering, wavering piece of ash rising,
Floating up from the blue flames of summer’s water.

I heard the mother
I saw the dancer
I witnessed the wife give soft caresses
I watched till after sunset

I hurried to the restroom
And vomited heavenly white roses into the dirty sink: I forgave her.
Upstairs angels and demons shed their skin; make love
Outside the sound of loaded water droplets hitting aged porcelain
Through a thin wall separating beautiful opposites of fire.
I went back home and set the big white blossoms where her body lays.