maxresdefaultWelcome to the return of the Midnight Music Video. This is where you are going to get a taste of music from all across the board from artists and bands that you may have never heard of. The mission is to make people aware of as many talented people in the world. Tonight is no different. Now, a lot of you know that I am a television addict. I have never been a huge fan of reality television with the one exception of the game show. Well, I can’t deny this. I have become a mega fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The show is so much fun, and each season I end up picking a favorite and each time for some reason they always end up in second place. Today’s video comes from one of those contestants. We are diving into season three of the show for this artist. Drag is an art form and this video shows exactly why. Grab your butt padding, breasts, your best stilettos, and try not to look like a hot mess. Here is Manila Luzon with Hot Couture!!!