Rip me into pieces,

Tear me apart heart and soul,

Come to my heart and rebuild me,

Make me who I’m supposed to be


With your love and wisdom,

make me whole once more

Take away this life of sin,

Replenish me with faith


Be my one and only,

The light unto my path,

Guide me and teach me,

A deciple I wish to be


I fall to my knees before you,

and I beg of you, please have mercy!


This life is not one I wish to live

As i know it’s sinful and unholy


Show me the path you have made for me,

Force me into the light,

Make my demons release me,

so i may win this fight



Who’s arms will hold you close tonight,

to which will you feed your lies

to who will you swear your love is true,

Who is your whole world tonight?


Who’s bed shall you make love in,

fulfill your fleshly lust?

Who’s eyes will you gaze upon,

as if the most beautiful of stars?


How is it you feel,

show no guilt when you see the hurt in our eyes,

perhaps you are not in love with either,

but simply the thrill of the game.


Who is it that you’ll comfort this evening

the strumpet, or legally wed?

Can you be so sinful always needing to change beds?

Is this a life so easily led, never stressing your head?


Who’s table will you sit at this evening

What god is it to which you’ll pray?

Dare you thank him for your time with one

while praying comfort to the one from which you’ve strayed?


Who is it that you’ll wake to?

peer upon in the brilliant morning light

Will you rejoice for a moment in the reverie

quickly flee to the other to calm your demons at night?


Do you relish in this life you live

destroying every heart you’ve touched

Why is it ruling just one heart is simply not enough?

such a glutton you must have one to love and a second to lust


Who is it that you are my darling?

What is it that you’ve become?

Where is the man who loved me solely

whom feared god, consequence, and the forsaking of love?