stupid-ex-boyfriend-quotes-tumblr-quotes-1161264059Some people have that ex (husband or wife) that they can still deal with.  I know of a relationship that, for the sake of the kids, the exes still do public functions together.  They live completely separate, but will come together for their kids.  I applaud that.  If my ex husband, well known as El Diablo, was to receive an award it would be for the biggest asshole.  Let me tell you what happened last night, before you choose to think I’m just being a bitch.

We meet at 5pm at our half way point (He gets them 5-8pm on Wednesday nights) and surprisingly enough, he’s not there just his current wife.  She takes the kids to her mother’s house and the texting begins.  Mine and Cage’s house are 2 blocks from the school the kids go to.  We have 5 kids ranging in ages from 7-13.  They walk together 2 blocks to their school.  And only on that morning.  My kids have never gotten to walk before, so they were begging to walk.  I sent to their cell phone, requesting a text when they got there and a call after school. Cage is there when they get home in the afternoons.  All goes well.

While we are sitting on Cage’s Mom’s Patio, I get a very ugly text from El Diablo.  He cussed me for letting the kids walk to school.  Now he’s claiming he’s going to take the kids away from me for being a “shitty mom“.  This man is currently 4 months behind on child support.  Oh! And… his step son couldn’t find anyone in the home at 11pm the night before (Tuesday night) and went to a neighbor’s house crying cause he was home alone. Where were these wonderful parents?  Buying lottery tickets!  Can we get these people a dumb ass award as well?  That little boy is 5.  So, can someone explain to me how I’m such a shitty mom when I let the kids walk to school, when his step son runs away at 11pm cause he’s home alone?  I’m dying to hear that one.

Not only did the text come the entire 3 hours he didn’t have the kids cause he was “working”, he called Cage and I drunks and crack heads.  I do have a beer a night per my doctor’s orders (happy to report that the kidney stones don’t bother me as much now, too) but I wouldn’t know crack if my life depended on it.  I’ve never done drugs, never been around it.  Will willingly give a hair sample for proof.  So will Cage.  We have nothing to hide.  Also, per my divorce papers, I’m not in contempt as he is being behind in child support.  Not to mention that he cussed me and Cage last night.  He talks bad through text, but won’t answer when Cage calls him.

There’s my rant.  If you can think of other things he could ‘win’ awards for, please send them in.  Who knows, it might end up on the show.