Succumb to this desire
Gaze into my eyes
Let me caress your every inch
And cause your every smile…

Succumb to the lust,
I’ll surrender to
Caress me, kiss my face
I’ll hold you close whilst it all takes place

Succumb to the moment
Let all worries go
Take me as you wish my dear
To you, it’s hard to say no

Succumb to the evening, it’s all ours tonight
Let’s take our time, express our passion
Make love by the moon’s light
Do not fret over it is “just right”

Succumb to this wanting
This fire burning bright
Everything feels amazing
I crave you tonight


Behind These Eyes

I don’t even have to speak,

These eyes say it all

Because of you they sparkle,

Speak without any words at all

I’ve found a new happiness,

One I thought wouldn’t come to be

The only place you belong, is in this moment with me

Though the words have not crossed my lips,

It cannot hide behind these eyes

It’s just waiting patiently, for when the time is right

There’s so much left to tell you,

Nothing left to hide,

Truths that are not camouflaged,

Not even behind the darkest of ebony eyes