The Wheels Carry Me


The wheels carry me away

treading miles between myself and home

away from the loves of my life

yet onward to the journey that I call my own


I miss that sleepy town sometimes

often long to see their freckled smiles

still I carry on

sometimes closer sometimes further in miles


One thing is certain

no matter where I roam

I may often be away

in their hearts I’m forever home


Still the wheels keep turning

they carry me away

further and further to new places

this wanderlust and need to explore forever untamed


Do not worry my loves

I will return to you

I’ll kiss your freckled cheeks,

hold you as long as I might


I am sorry that I must always go

You’re in my heart, the very roots of my soul

The song of my world

The only reasons to pursue this thing called life


Many may never understand

who I’ve become, who I am

I struggle myself to be who I was when life began

I don’t know that girl anymore


I know these wheels carry me away

Always to new horizons

New places, and faces

some times colder, always a reason to keep rolling


Beautiful Deception


How could what i feel, be any less than love

It’s only I who’s shown great devotion

Faithful and loyal to a fault

whilst you stray, fulfill your lusts abroad


How dare you doubt my sincerity

only your own is justly questioned

Did you think me hopeless, a naive fool

I’m sorry to disappoint you


I’m sure of my intentions

intimate thoughts never astray

i dared not dream of life or love

and not imagine your pretty face


I wish the same could be said of you

sadly it can not

your heart un pure, intentions evil

the toxicity too much for one to bare


You drain the life from everything

shatter every heart you touch

take for granted the trust of innocents

make the most beautiful feel self disgust


I wish I could have reached you

breathed life into your soul

the task far beyond impossible

for a soul who’s grown so cold


I wanted only to adore you

bask in your alluring deceptive light

the true you has been discovered

I must heed warning; take flight