MATTHEW GRAY GUBLEREver since I was in grade school, I have had a weakness for skinny, pasty, socially awkward guys. While all the other girls were madly in love with the star kickball player I was secretly crushing on the guy sitting by himself on the playground with glasses and a book. This week’s hunk brings socially awkward to a whole new level of sexy.

Dr. Spencer Reid is the youngest member of Criminal Mind’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Everything about this boy screams nerdy white guy. He graduated high school at the age of twelve and by the time he was 24 he had obtained three doctoral degrees and two bachelor degrees. He has an I.Q of 187 and can read 20,000 words per minute. He also has an eidetic memory, meaning at the time it has taken you to read this far in the article he could have already read and memorized this entire web site. Just thinking about that gives me a major braingasm. Dr. Reid is not only smart, but also incredibly sexy. He is tall and lanky with curly brown hair and has enough boyish charm to make any women swoon. If you thought there couldn’t be any more about this man to love wait until you hear this. He spent his whole adolescent life taken care of his schizophrenic mother and still writes to her every day and tells her about all “the adventures” he has with his friends aka all his cases. There is nothing in this world sexier than a man who loves his momma. As a bonus he is also an accomplished magician and an avid Doctor Who watcher. Spencer Reid if you are by any chance reading this just know, you can eat crackers in my bed anytime.