Alex-KingstonYou ever watch a television show and think to yourself, where the hell have I been? This is the greatest thing known to mankind. That happened last summer for myself. The show in question is Doctor Who. The show, which started on November 23, 1963, changed everything for the BBC. So how did I go most of my adult life without getting to see the show that is about a time and space traveling alien with two hearts? I have watched all of the new episodes, and most of the classics. Somehow, I know that a Tom Baker scarf will allow me to get the ladies. All of a sudden, it hit me. Last year, I inducted all the companions of the new series. Yes, all in one because, that is how we do it in the TARDIS. However, I forgot one of the most beautiful women in the Whoniverse. I know what you are thinking, who? Well, the answer can simply be said with two words. Hello, Sweetie. Our next induction into the Hall of Hotties will get the nerd blood pumping, because it is River Song.

My favorite Doctor will always be the 11th, sorry Tennant fans. There is just something special about the raggedy man. One of those things was the companions that he was with. Amy and Rory. The two of them showed what love truly should be, even if there were times that Amy was a little mean. I do get it though. One night, Amy and Rory did the unthinkable on the TARDIS. The TARDIS helped Amy conceive a woman that has the ability to regenerate. Their daughter Melody was a child of the very device that carried The Doctor all through time and space. Amy even grew up with her “daughter” as her best friend. It was not until the episode where Rory locks Hitler up in a cabinet that we learn who she truly was.

River was actually first seen with 10 in Silence in the Library, little did we know how much impact she would truly have as the show goes on. It was not until the moments with 11th that we knew she was going to be a huge part in the story of the Doctor. She even took the time to shoot the Fez because she thought they were not cool, I did forgiver her for that. That was a hard pill to swallow though.

river-song-alex-kingston-4There are two things that River Song does that stands out in the mind of fans of the show. The first thing is the journal. The adventures of her and the Doctor are recorded that someone is able to read it. If I could just get my hands on that journal for 10 minutes. I would publish it for the money that other planets would be paying out the ass. I bet the Cybermen would pay a very hefty penny for that journal. The second thing, are her two wonderful catchphrases. The Doctor would ask about something that is happening, and instead of telling him like a friend should, she would actually say one word that would make me excited. “Spoilers.” Excuse me while the chills are not running down my back. The other thing, would be the phrase, “Hello, Sweetie.” I have learned something about this phrase, if a woman says it to me, I automatically want to be their Time Lord. Did I just say that?

It does not matter if she is trying to kill the Doctor, or just saying Hello, she will always be a hottie. River Song, we would like to welcome you into the Hall of Hotties.

River if you read this, I want to say that normally I find a dirty joke to insert here but, that is not the case. I could never take what you and the Doctor have. I only hope to find someone that will become a story that never ends.