Parents who think an Elsa shirt is offensive because of the way her hand is positioned……..WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!

ELSAI feel that the word Baffled, is what best describes this situation as it was pointed out on the social media site, Facebook. I know that as a society, we have become more PC in the last few years, but I am starting to think that no matter what it is, someone that is a parent is going to find it offensive. Take the sweatshirt for the store H&M. As you can plainly see this shirt is a normal sweatshirt. A shirt that will make a child the talk of the playground as they are singing Let It Go, and chasing boys. However, some parents see this shirt as offensive. The parents who want to take the word fun out of the dictionary, go on to say that Elsa is trying to give the V sign. The V sign? Look, if this shirt had the words Bug Off under it, instead of the name Elsa, I would somewhat agree. However, it truly looks like Elsa can’t do the “live Long and Prosper” sign from Star Trek.  That Elsa shirt is about as offensive as a baby Jesus holding a Build-A-Bear Winnie The Pooh. If you do not find that cute, seek help.  So parents wrote and complained to the retailer to pull the shirt, the only thing that should be pulled into this situation is the right for these people to have any more kids. H&M went on the record saying that Elsa is trying to conjure up a snowflake. Heaven help me, there is some nut job out there that is going to believe that Elsa is a Coke dealer. I have never been a firm believer in testing people for being crazy before having children, but this story proves why you should. I feel that parents have to blame something when their kids find someone to be their role model that is not them. If have a jealous issue of a cartoon character, it’s time to put down the shots of Jamison and quit complaining about all the participation ribbons. It is a shirt and a not offensive one at that. Seriously, it is not like these kids are wearing that Johnny Cash shirt that is giving the bird that can be purchased at any Spencers. I am going to buy one these shirts myself and wear it in protest, just so I can piss off stuck up women. I think it’s time to do what Elsa says and “Let it Go!”