Some schools are finished with classes this year, but that is no excuse that you cannot learn something. Welcome to Christmas 101. In this class we are going to look at word problems that have a theme of Christmas. Yes, there will be a test at the end of the class. If I were you, I would be taking notes because you never know, one day you may need to know the information that has been provided.

the-grinchIf Delilah can make a fruitcake in 3 hours. Stephanie can make a fruitcake in 2 and a half hours. If they combine their skills and try and make a fruitcake together. How many times does ABC Family have to show How The Grinch Stole Christmas in one day before you want to hit Dr. Seuss so hard he hears a Who?

Diane is baking Christmas Sugar Cookies for her work office. She makes 15 snowmen, 15 Santa cookies, and 15 cookies shaped like a sleigh. How many times do you hear Jingle Bells and think suicide might be an option?

saving-christmas-posterBill and Mark love to decorate their house for Christmas. Each person will go all out to outdo the other. If Bill has 725,000 lights and Mark has 836,000 lights and the wind is blowing at 7 MPH from the east…. How long will it take North Korea to realize that they made a mistake, and instead of Sony, should have stopped/hacked Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas from happening?

Tim has to buy 7 presents in 4 hours. Chelsea has to buy 9 presents in 2.5 hours. If the two shoppers combined their efforts, How long will it take Tony Romo to give the gift of interceptions in the playoffs? If that question was too difficult here is an alternative question you can answer. How long will it take for the Browns to call Tim Tebow?

Bill and Heather are lovers of peppermint. Each year they get excited because they can buy their favorite treat. Bill goes to the store and buys 36 boxes of Candy Canes. Heather goes to the store and buys 29 boxes of the cane in candy form. If they both each eat 4 candy canes an hour. How many times will you not be able to buy or eat vanilla pudding because of Bill Cosby?

ftwkT16bDale and Sarah are on a very romantic date in Central Park for Christmas. They stop for dinner at one of the finest establishments of the hot dog cart. After dinner the couple will go for a carriage ride. Marty and Jan decide to do the same Carriage ride, but in the opposite direction. If both couples started at the same time, How long did it take for you single people, after finding out that Charles Manson is getting married to sign up for Tinder?

Phyllis and Cara are going to a party. They each need to arrive at 7 PM sharp. Phyllis lives over 4 miles away. Cara lives 12 miles away. If they are going to ride together, How Much Egg nog will it take before this actually becomes funny?

Pencils Down!