3829833-kat+2I have been a good boy, and I feel that I am deserving of several unique things for Christmas. First thing on my list that is quite reasonable, and also doable…. A pair of assless chaps. I feel that assless chaps are easy, and you can get them at Pete’s Western Wear. Santa I know that this is a weird request but…. If you could see fit to bring me or leave a time traveling Delorean in my parking space. Last but not least, I would like a pair of Kat Dennings panties and a lock of her hair. The reason for these two very special items is that if I get a restraining order put against me by one Kat Dennings, I want to frame it. I want to frame it with the panties and a lock of her hair. And one other thing, this is a very hard request because I would like for you to talk to the guys at NBC for a second season of Constantine. Santa, I know that asking for some of this stuff is not going to be easy, so the very last thing on the list is that everyone in the world finds a little bit of peace and quiet.

Chris Knight

PS. In lieu of cookies and milk, I will instead have some superb egg nog and a bowl of duck gumbo waiting for you.