Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas!!! I know I haven’t written in a while, but apparently it’s socially unacceptable for a twenty-five-year-old to write “Santa Letters”. I feel like if I tell you how awesome you are it will somehow persuade you to get me better gifts so just so you know you pretty much the coolest guy in the history of the universe. I’m a bit busier than I was when I was seven so I’m just going to get straight to the give me’s and skip all the tell Rudolph I said hi and How’s the Mrs. business.

5920724444_1_Snow_Tunnel_xlargeFirst off I want a winning lottery ticket for at least fifty million dollars. Nothing too much, just enough to pay for the lifestyle I’ll become accustomed to for the rest of my life. I’m not really a big fan of this whole job business. I would also really like the third book in The King Killer Chronicle so if you could get Patrick Rothfuss finally to publish it that would pretty much be amazing. I know it’s incredibly cliché, but I would also really love snow for Christmas. There’s nothing better than the feeling of being covered in a nice big blanket of snow when you wake up Christmas morning. Snowball fights followed by hot chocolate are a must have for the perfect Christmas feeling. Another great thing you could get me, would be a time machine so that I could go back and re-experience Christmas of the past. Like the one where we got the brand new Nintendo Sixty four, or the one where we got a whole bunch of movies and Finally Fantasy IX and didn’t leave the house until well after New Year’s. I wouldn’t even mind revisiting the one when we all had the flu. Mainly I just want to re-experience the feeling of waiting for Christmas morning with my brothers and sisters. All of us sleeping in the same room on a pallet of blankets on the floor and waking up before dawn to see what tiny miracles you had left for us. The feeling of anticipation as we laid there waiting to hear the Christmas music announcing that we could get finally get up. Back before we all got so busy with our lives and families, Back when it didn’t matter if we got the newest electronic or a hand-me-down bag of marbles we were still so excited. It wasn’t about what or how much we got it was about who we shared it with. I know it’s maybe not the most traditional thing to do, but I would really like to say thank you. You make so many people year a bit brighter and add a little bit of magic in a world where magic is a hard thing to come by. My feet have gotten incredibly cold while writing this so could you also get me an extremely warm, incredibly soft, pair of socks. Any color will do as long as they keep my tootsies snuggly.

I have saved the two things I want the very most for the last. I really really really want a Barbie fashionista ultimate closet and a new diary with a lock on it so my brothers can’t read it.

Best Wishes and Love Always,

Ellie Louise Black