Dear Santa,
I would like to start this letter off with a sincere thank you in regards to the magic that I experienced as a child on your behalf. While I had a family that wasn’t exactly poverty-stricken, I didn’t have a particularly cohesive family either. I want to thank you for all the years that the lie of your existence brought my eccentric family together in a peaceful union. If not for that, I feel like I wouldn’t have had as many happy childhood memories as I do where Christmas is concerned. Granted, I’d have gotten fewer cavities in my teeth, and would have experienced less tummy aches, but you have to take the bad with the good.

This year for Christmas, I have a lot to ask from you. I want a more peaceful world with less hate, less condemnation, and more acceptance and love. If maybe you could strike a heart string or two with the lawmakers in Florida, and get them to make it so that feeding the homeless is no longer illegal that would be great. Maybe you could even hold off on indulging on all of those glasses of milk and cookies and leave them with the starving people of the world? I am sure that Mrs. Claus could appreciate the weight loss that would surely come; as a result. Perhaps that would even bring more people to believe in the magic that is associated with this holiday.

article-2123904-12682042000005DC-433_634x401-620x392Secondly, I would like to have a winning lottery ticket. While I am not a materialistic girl, the economy fucking sucks, and I need to make ends meet. I have children who need to be put through college and sick family who could use the financial help with their medical bills and the cost of a funeral that’s both inevitable, and getting closer to taking place. It would be nice to provide a proper burial for my terminally ill step-father as well as be able to ensure that his wife will not go hungry or without shelter for herself or handi-capable grandson that she cares for. She’s unable to work for an employer and puts all of her energy into other people with very little complaint. While I am certain that I am not the only one who asks for this, I am not looking for a million dollar jackpot. I know that money can’t solve all my problems, but it would be nice to have the means to give back as much as I have been given to people who’ve done so much for me in life. Maybe, you could make all of what they need fall into their lap anonymously if you can’t get a winning ticket to me personally. I just want everyone to be comfortable, eating well and sleeping soundly.

Thirdly, I’d like if you could talk to whichever higher power it is that is in charge of the real miracles. I have a couple of friends facing a terrible bout of problems with their brains, and I’d be thankful if those problems could miraculously disappear. They’re two of the most loyal, loving and supportive human beings left on this planet, and I wish to see them reach their dreams and full potential in a world that would be terribly harsh without them. I mean, if they’re meant to be taken, I understand because they are in their own right angels of sorts, but maybe just takeaway some of their pain and struggles. Please see if it’s possible just to ease their worries, and calm their souls and physical ailments. I’d like to love and appreciate them a while longer. They’ve yet to live a full life of true happiness, so I’d like if they could have that.

Lastly, there’s a girl that my brother loves who’s a raging alcoholic. It’s caused quite a bit of discord between the two of us that makes my heart ache in ways I’m unable to express properly. From my understanding, it’s also caused a lot of strife with her and her family growing apart. Maybe if there’s a way to make her dependence disappear so that she’s a healthy person that would be great. I know he’s not having a great run of being on the nice list in life, but he’s trying. He loves her, and well, I’ve waited for the day that I would see him cry over being genuinely heartbroken. The day has come and passed, and now I wish for her to be good for him and for them to be able to work out all of the kinks in their relationship, even if he decides not to make amends with me. I was her at one time and was fortunate enough to come out of that and mend my life together, one stitch at a time. I wish this same blessing for her.

I don’t have any wishes for material things this year. I am not in need of anything as I have all that I think I’ve needed in life, which is an open heart and eyes. I also have a good circle of family and friends who love me, so I think that I am set. Yes, these gifts that I ask for are tricky, and are even somewhat selfish, but I do it wish them with the best intentions. Please pardon my sarcasm about your ever growing waistline as it’s something we have in common. I will be keeping the magic and belief of your fictional being alive to pass on for many years to come. I think that everyone needs to have some sort of magic and happiness this season, and for 30 years now, you’ve been a part of mine. There’s that part of me that never has, and never will grow up because I’m a toy’s R us kid.

Peony Ann

I think it would be a good idea to give kids more things like Lincoln Logs and Legos. The kids these days with all of their fancy technology shit is driving me nuts. It’s expensive and lacks any sort of real creativity or need for brain function.