Dear Santa,

I hope Mrs. Claus and you are doing well this year. I may be 30 years old, but I still believe in the magic of Christmas and you. I know that you are a busy individual, and you get millions of letters a year. I really would like for you to take the time to read this. Santa, first off, I know you have enough magic to make this happen. I would love for it to snow on Christmas Day. I have never really been able to experience this special holiday moment. I would love to wake up tomorrow, look out my window, holding a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream of course, to see a beautiful dusting of the powdery stuff. I think it would feel more like Christmas, than ever before.


believeThis is one I feel is going to be a little tougher to accomplish Santa, but if anyone can do it, I know that it is you. 2014 has been the biggest roller coaster ride of my life. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to take my life. I was in a place that I never thought I would ever be in. One morning I woke up with the world in front of me. The next minute, I woke up, and everything was gone. The year started out with me believing that I had lost my entire world due to my divorce. I felt like I let a lot of people down when that all happened. I thought about my parents and the values that were instilled me about marriage. It was not a pretty time of the year for me, but I believe you know that. I dealt with the all the beginning stages of a surgery that I know in my heart of hearts that I just cannot do. I want to live a life that is memorable and not one that is going to be a depression filled shell of a past life. I lost part of my family, due to my passion. Plain and simple. It all started to change in the middle of the year. The feeling that I had because of my divorce, gone. I shouldn’t be sad about something that was never meant to be. Everything happens for a reason, and I think I know what the reason could be. I will get to it. My health is slowly getting a little better. Moving from where I have been, and having a fresh start has been a blessing from God, that I could have never dreamed of in a million years. Family lost is family gained. I have reconnected with my mother. Plus, her boyfriend and his family have showed me in a short time, that people can still value their loved ones. School is going amazing. And as you can tell the website is having the best year to date. However, even with all of that, I think there is still one thing missing. It has taken me 30 years to say it finally, but I am ready. Santa, if there is any possible way for Christmas you could give me the gift of family, I would be indebted to you forever. I was able to be a step parent for four months last year, and it is something that I would not trade for anything in the world. I know I am ready to have a family of my own. There is one thing sort of putting a stop to that, and hopefully that is where you can come in. Santa, can you bring me my soul mate? I am ready not to start the next chapter of life, but start writing the book for the rest of my life. I am willing to give someone my heart, and in return they will give me theirs. I ‘m willing to be that guy that will give his friends diabetes from posting pictures of whoever she may be and myself, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and AOL messenger. I am ready to hold a child in my arms. I am just ready to feel like I have the world. I hope you can bring her Santa, wherever she is. I know it is going to be hard work, but whoever it is, in the ups and the downs, it will not matter. I am ready for my Happily Ever After.


I hope you do not mind me asking for one other thing in the process. I since the age of 8 always wanted something that I have seen on television. I want a pair of Moon Shoes. I do not know why, but always thought those were the coolest things in the world. Maybe, I just want to make sure I can get close enough to lasso the moon when the time comes.
Cookies and milk are on the table next to Nutsy,


Richard Pruitt

PS. Extra cookies if it is Zooey Deschanel