On our Podcast, The Buzz Kill Live, we do a segment called The Nerd Debate. This is where we take topics that nerd/geeks will have an argument over while having a cup of coffee or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Well, we wanted to open our Christmas ones up to you the audience and get your opinion.

First up, On our Christmas Countdown show, we counted down the Top 13 Christmas specials/movies of all time. The question we have for you, were we right. We picked It’s a Wonderful Life at number 1. Maybe, you have one that didn’t make the list. Vote and let us know.

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Next up, on our Ho! Ho! Holy Crap! It’s Christmas edition of TBK Live coming up on Christmas day we have a topic that we would love for you to share your opinion on. Also, leave a comment and we could read it on The Christmas Day edition of TBK Live.

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