large_its_a_wonderful_life_bw_blu-ray3bwNot only is it The 13 Days of Christmas, but it is also, Woman Crush Wednesday. Since, the ladies got to have some fun, I figured it was our turn to have some fun, of course with a holiday twist. I was reading the Hall of Hunks, and it got me to think. I never realized how great the movie It’s A Wonderful Life truly is until I went through one of the hardest times I have had to deal with in life. I never can relate to Christmas movies, well for one, I am not a puppet or do I have a love interest. (If you are interested my email is listed below. I am funny and a great cuddler.) I can also say without a doubt that my Grandma was not run over by a reindeer. Trying to find something that I can sink my teeth into at Christmas is really difficult. However, I found a new love for the movie. I sat down to watch the film a few days ago, and I realized something besides the fact that they redid this movie in color. Why didn’t anyone tell me this? I feel like I have been cheated in life. My reason for this is because I started to develop a crush on one of the characters. It would be Clarence, but without the wingshe does nothing for me. No, it is for a woman that I never knew that I had a crush on until our eyes met. It was more like my eyes met the screen, but a slight spark was there or a faulty wire. Does it really matter? The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is also from It’s a Wonderful Life. This will also mark the first time that we have inducted an onscreen couple together. The next inductee into the Hall is…… Mary Hatch Bailey.

Mary always had a thing for George. The only downside for Mary is that it took forever for George to realize that she was an amazing woman. I have to say that if I were in that position, I liked it and would have put a ring on it. It all started when they were young, and George was working in the Pharmacy being a soda jerk. She couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted except for George Bailey. He asks if she would like something with coconut and she tells him that she is not a fan. I don’t like coconut! I think I am going to pull a page from the crazy daters from online playbook. We both hate coconut that means we are soul mates. I think that sounds about as crazy as it can get.

One of the most famous scenes in the movie, after meeting up at a dance, and recreating the dance scene from Grease, the two fall into a pool. I am not sure if I can compete with George after getting her wet. I digress. The two had to find new clothes to wear. Mary ended up in a robe. Seriously, hose are things that dreams are made of. George claims that he can lasso the moon for her. I claim that he is full of crap. He would not be able to hold onto it if he did. Now, I being a real man……..Alright, even I busted out into laughter on that one. We also learn that Mary has one hell of an arm as they break the windows out of the house, they will one day live in, to make a wish. Not a sexual or dirty joke, but I bet the Cleveland Browns wish they could do the same thing. She hits a window like a pro. Finally, in the midst of the commotion, George ends up holding the robe that Mary was wearing. She runs and hide in the bush, and I realize that George Bailey is the world’s luckiest bastard.

The two would end up getting married and having a family. However, if statistics hold up, their marriage won’t make it, and I have a chance. Mary was a nurse during the war, which means she will nurture if you feel bad. Maybe. I can rest my head on her bosom.

We would like to welcome Mary Hatch Bailey into the Hall of Hotties during this holiday season. Mary if you ever get a chance to read this…..I have a copy of “Buffalo Gals” and a glass of wine with your name on it. Oh, and I would lasso a star because, well, a star is more romantic than the moon.