melissa-mccarthy-snl-1-mainI have learned over the years that Hollywood has a very terrible idea of what beauty should be. I am not sure about a lot of you out there, but a woman that can hide behind a Popsicle stick is not visible is not very attractive at all. At times, I just want to tell them that a cheeseburger is only a buck at McDonald’s, but again that may not look as good in the grand scheme of things. That may not be looked upon as politically correct. Women are supposed to have some curves and not look like an interstate that runs through Kansas. I love what has been going on in the world of entertainment lately. We have seen a revolution of women who look fantastic, step from behind the curtain and show that it is not about size, but what you have. Take the hit song, All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor, that song is an anthem. Today, I want to induct a woman into the Hall of Hotties, that may not be a size 2, but she is just as beautiful as any other starlet in Hollywood. The next induction into the Hall is the funny, talented, sexy, and lovable…… Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa-McCarthy-Hosts-Saturday-Night-Live-VideoWe all look for traits in a potential mate, and one that I look for without hesitation is a sense of humor. Melissa embodies what funny should be. The 44-year-old actress/stand-up comic first debuted on the national scene on the show of her very famous cousin, Jenny McCarthy. After that Melissa found herself playing Sookie, and what I wouldn’t give to be her Bill Compton, alas it was not that Sookie. She was one of the main characters on the hit show Gilmore Girls.

It wasn’t till the year 2010 that we got to see what Melissa brought to the table as an actress. The show Mike & Molly debuted and at that moment the world of television would would see something different. One of the first times in history that the two main characters of the sitcom were not your stereotypical sex symbols. Groundbreaking, to say the least, especially when you consider the show has lasted five seasons on the talent of Melissa and her co-star Billy Gardell. The success of this show would just be the beginning of seeing what Melissa could bring to the table.

300-MelissaMcCarthy1-110612-jpg_193806Melissa went from being a small screen star to one of the hottest commodities in all of Hollywood. It all started with the comedy Bridesmaids. Melissa played Megan a woman who had a thirst for sex. She was a pervert, and it was something that most men could even dream of, and that is counting the ones of the wet variety. The Heat with Sandra Bullock, became one of the best films of the year 2013 and is 2 hours of your life that you will have no regrets giving up. Earlier this year, Tammy came out to one of the biggest openings for Mellissa and were still gaining strength as it has hit DVD.

Melissa McCarthy is that special talent that only comes around once in a lifetime. She is showing the world that size does not matter, but talent is. If I had a daughter, I would want her to look up to Melissa. We would like to welcome Melissa McCarthy to The Hall of Hotties. Melissa if you read this, keep doing what you are doing, you will always have a fan in me.