50a6768a971a1.preview-620Well, this year I figured one Holiday Hottie was not enough. We needed to double our intake because it is Christmas. Before I spill on who is being inducted next, a little back story first. The one thing I love most about this time are houses decorated to the brim with lights. I guess some of these houses can be viewed from space. The more lights, the better. I know some people when they get excited in the nerd realm, will let out a tribal yell. We like to refer to that as a squee. I tend to do the same thing when I see a house with an expensive electric bill. Looking at Christmas lights, has become a tradition that I love to do each and every year. So it was a huge surprise when I found out that there was a competition show with houses that decorate. I again would let out a squee. However, this squee was possibly by the same people who can see these houses from space. The show is called The Great Christmas Light Fight. One of the hosts has caught my attention. She comes across as the woman that you would call your friends up in the middle of the night just to tell them how awesome she is. It also does not help that I have developed a major crush here. The next inductee into the Hall of Hotties is….. Sabrina Soto.

sabrina-sotochrismtasI know what you are thinking. Richard… What makes Sabrina a Holiday Hottie? I am glad you asked and if you were not thinking it, I bet you are now. Sabrina is a designer. You can catch her on HGTV and appearances across the board when it comes to the talk show circuit. Richard…. and how does she represent the holidays again? Something special about The Great Christmas Light Fight is not watching the story of the people who decorated their house with enough blinking lights that would make a person with epilepsy feel uncomfortable. It is about seeing the face of the hosts on the show. The one thing we forget about Christmas is that as adults it’s one of the only times a year that we can feel like a kid again. Her smile lights up brighter than some of the houses that are on the show. And guys needing to put a little romance back into their relationships, you are welcome. She just has the personality that you want to surround yourself with on a daily basis. Richard…. She is beautifulbut Christmas? One more timelet me explain. The Great Christmas Light Fight is now going to be a tradition in this home, and Christmas feels a little more festive with Sabrina in it. Plus, we all could use tips in making our houses look better from DIY projects. Am I right?

960x540We would like to welcome Sabrina Soto into the Hall of Hotties. Sabrina if you ever read this, all I want is a hug, and I can decorate happily.