christmasvacationhaphaphappyI have learned in my search for the perfect man that I need to look for three things. The ability to be a father to the children I am going to give birth to and a very high sex drive. I want him to be tough but fair. Maybe, a tad bit of Christian Grey meets Dan Connor. Let me say that the bondage will not be a family thing to do. I want him to be the guy who gets the number 1 Dad coffee mug and never drink out of it because of it being special. The second thing that I look for in a man is that he has a high drive. I am a woman with womanly needs, and I need to be satisfied. You can’t have number 1 without number 2. But, you can’t have the first two without the last one. I want a man who is going to light my life. I want a guy that I am going wake up next to and forget all my problems. I want a man that will be excited to decorate the house for Christmas. The man i wish has been right in front of my nose the entire time, and his name is Clark Griswold.

Part of my Christmas tradition would be to cuddle up to someone special to watch the story of a man go crazy. I love everything that Clark Griswold or Sparky as some of us like to call him, stand for. Maybe, the perfect man he is not. He does not have rippling muscles, and he may not have a lot of money. He puts his family first and has a colossal heart of gold. He is the man that all women should strive for even if he accidentally killed a cat, had a moment of rage, and broke everything in the house when untying the tree. Clark Griswold is a hunk and can light me up anytime.