wonderfulLadies, why is it that the holidays make us feel lonelier than any other time of the year? I want to stay in my cute Grinch PJs, watch The Hallmark Channel, and embark on how much cookies I can eat. Lately, I have been watching Christmas movies wishing that I could find true loves kiss under the mistletoe. I feel this leads me into this very special Holiday themed Hall of Hunks. I wanted to choose a man that any woman, including myself would be lucky to have any relationship with. It does not matter if it would be just a casual romp or settling down. Either way, this is a man, which you would want as a role model for your children. George Bailey is a wonderful man and the perfect definition of the word Hunk.

wonderful-lifeIf you have not seen the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life; you are missing out on a story that will touch the soul and warm the heart. The film centers on a man by the name of George Bailey and his struggle through life. He ends up not leaving Bedford Falls, due to his father passing away. He takes over the family business. The Bailey Brothers Building and Loan served the town to make sure people would be able to afford a house without having to go to old man Potter. Once his Dad passes, he decided to send his brother to college instead. How many men do you know would put family ahead of their goals? He is a keeper and one woman did exactly that. Once George married Mary, the bank decided to sell to old man Potter. The town became outraged and stormed the Building and Loan demanding their money back. George was just leaving out for his honeymoon when he walked into the business to see what all the commotion was about. Instead of leaving, he gave up his honeymoon money to make sure that people were able to live until the bank situation was handled. The man is selfless, and he is the man that all of us dream of when we are little girls. I remember saying that I was always looking for prince charming. If anyone is close, it is George Bailey.

baileyHard times fell upon George. Depression set in after old man Potter threatened to have him arrested for theft after the building and loan lost eight grand. George was going to take his life until he was visited by an angel that showed him what it would be like had he never been born. The hardest thing about watching this was seeing the hurting in a man that always gave his heart to the people of Bedford Falls. The town rallied around him, and it showed how much of an influence he is in everyone’s life. George Bailey is a man that would make a woman feel like she was a princess. George proves that chivalry and the Christmas spirit is not dead.