Pondering on your life,
The parts I am able to see
I wonder, who or what is it
That you’re really trying to be

I see a liar, a thief
A fake; a cheat
Someone who knows not even herself

You lie to yourself
To your lover
To me
To everyone around you
No sense of reality

You steal his heart with false professions
A projected facade to the world
You poor lost, pitiful
Hopeless girl

Cheating yourself out of true love
And him of real happiness
Cheating at every turn
No regard for those around you
Unaware of bridges burned

I once bought your lies
Sought out what was good
Was blind to your evils
Unaware of the falsehood
Blissfully ignorant
I misunderstood the magnitude
Of lies in which I’d fallen

What I see now is tragic
A woman too drunk to see
Too wasted to be what he needs
Too selfish to deserve love
Too ugly inside to exude beauty
Let alone give love to others

I see wasted potential
Wasted talents
A wasted life
Wasted nights
Wasted tears
Someone too wasted to know what’s right
A hopeless fight

Destroying yourself
Shattering every heart
With a single touch
Breaking all trust ever earned
Believing your solace
Is only found in a bottle
Passed out on the ground

Oblivious to the real world
Or what you destroy around you
Too obtuse to see the love
That once warmly surrounded

Unable to see even the one who loves you
His attempts to help, to better you
All done in vain, it’s hopeless
I see him dying inside
Watching helplessly
As you slowly take your own life

What I see now
A lost soul
Refusing to be found
Denying only herself
Mind to weak to fight
Heart so black and pitiful
Falls victim, crying “disease”

I used to see his whole world
Lit up by the smile on your face
His future and life invested
Your name followed by his last

Now the light in those eyes
Slowly fading and dim
Realizing your atrocity if only for a moment
Until he falls for your lies again
Renders both of you, this relationship


A ring on my finger
Doesn’t say it all
It says to the world, I am yours
From now, until the end of us all

To me, it’s eternal love
Loyalty I’ve never known
A heart so kind, so big
As my own

A ring on my finger
Is just that
A token, an object
A sparkle of fact
Only dimmed by that of your eyes

It’s a promise
A future brighter than I deserve
A mate to my soul
Intricately displayed in an object
To me as priceless as life itself

A ring on my finger
Can never express what it truly means
It’s beauty holds not a candle
To the love it represents
Nor the beauty of your smile
Ever flickering within your eyes

In it I find solace
When I cannot be in your arms
A steady reminder
The spark that lights my fire
By a man who’s deserving
So much more than myself