claudio_sanchez1Ladies, I have to be honest with you. It is difficult for me to find a man that makes me excited. I am in some sort of a dry spell. I have searched and searched for something that would give me the drive. I do not want Valentine’s Day to come. I really don’t want to be sitting in a movie theater eating Junior Mints by myself and watching Fifty Shades of Grey. I just wish the perfect man would fall in my lap or swipe right on Tinder. I was driving around the other day, and found CD that I had not listened to since the time of running down the halls of my High School. I heard an individual song, and I remembered how bad I wanted to have this man’s babies.

Have any of you listened to the band Coheed and Cambria? Their music will take you another place. I believe one of the first crushes that I ever had was the lead singer, Claudio Sanchez. Claudio has a look about him that no other man in music has. Have you seen his hair? I remember the first time listening to him sing. I remember seeing the music video for A Flavor House Atlantic and thinking he was a hunk. He started to sing, and the rest is history. I still can’t believe that voice comes out of that man. I have even thought about getting a logo of the band tattooed on me. It is one band that I am not afraid to admit to anyone that I am in love. Claudio is also the lead singer of a side project called The Prize Fighter Inferno. If you have not listened to their music, you are doing yourself an injustice, and that needs to be righted. That is why I have included one of their amazing videos.

coheen-claudio-opener-corbis-630-80Music is not the only thing that Claudio does in the realm of entertainment. He is also a very talented comic book writer with the release of The Amory Wars. The band is named for two of the characters in this series. And if that was not enough, each song and album goes along with each part of The Amory Wars series. One of the most talented Men in all of entertainment and it needs to be celebrated. Did I mention, I wanted to have his babies?

Claudio Sanchez deserves a place in the Hall of Hunks, and I welcome him with open arms. One of my biggest crushes from High School. I miss my teen years.