Fat Girl Dancing

I have been facebooking forever. I learn and I laugh and also fuss more and more about society and the people around me with help of the internet. People are freer on the internet and also at times more careless and irresponsible.

For example, Fat Girl Dancing. There is a video series that circled around social media called Fat Girl Dancing. There is also a video series of another girl; she also is a larger sized girl. She dances in some videos, others she sings, tells jokes, shows her friends or family with her doing various things and also she talks straight up talk about real societal issues and stereotyping. Do you see any of the videos other than the dancing ones circulating? No. The dancing ones of this young girl, Amanda Hackey, those are the ones that circulate. People use her videos as a joke. Why? That’s my question.

I subscribed to Amanda Hackey’s channel on youtube. I also went back through the years and watched her videos. She has over 100 videos. They cover everything under the sun.

With a mouth of a young modern saloon gal who chews tobacco and spits nails, she tells it like it is. She also speaks straight from her heart with a voice of laughter, tears, heart, and soul. She is a wise young girl who embraces herself. Videos of her mom dancing after telling all the internet world she loves everything her Diggy says, she is happy to proclaim my daughter is wickedly awesome. Diggy as the cyber world knows her, to me after seeing what the young girl offers the world, is not a joke. Diggy has love, intelligence, strength, wisdom, humor, vitality, personality, flair for the dramatic, courage to say I don’t give a damn if you like me, this is me, take me or leave me. She has compassion; she has chickens, and that automatically makes her boss in my book.

Diggy is my daughter, your daughter, your niece, your neighbor, your future president, doctor, Grammy winner. Diggy is dreams and Diggy is the future.

2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2So while society laughs at her dancing and the fat girl dances videos, I choose to celebrate the fat girl dancing and celebrate Diggy. The negativity can not harm these girls. The Fat Girl Dancing already has gained her show on TLC. In the future, Diggy will prosper. Where negativity grows due to societal insecurities, positivism will come in and paint a prosperous future.

Make fun of Diggy if you choose. It only shows your weakness and fear of what you can not be and wish you could. My daughters and I are going to dance, and I’m going to say hot diggity diggy doo and throw my purse down. We will dance on command like Diggy’s mom does for my two future Diggy’s, now known as the redneck divas.

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Tina Anderson

I’m Tina Anderson from a Blytheville, Arkansas. I’m a single mom to 2 amazing, smart, beautiful kids. I recently retired from a 17 year nursing career and now I’m pursuing my dreams of music and writing. I love to cook, play guitar, love to write poetry and anything outdoors I’m all in for it. I am a hobby enthusiast, and love learning and trying new things. I read everything in site, from the latest vampire novel to the shampoo bottles in the bathroom. I love a good debate and hearing viewpoints from different people and will share mine in a heartbeat. I love small town living, and exploring new places and little mom and pop businesses. I plan to relocate in the future and a great past time for me and my 2 kids is learning about different towns and states and what they bring to the table. I’ve been writing most of my life and came across BuzzKill Magazine because my good friend Bobbie writes for them also. I love this magazine and all the different insights the writers give and can’t wait to share mine with you also
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