27ed402ca105ff82187c28a5ed0bcca7If there is one day a year that I wish the calendar would just somehow lose and never get back, it is Valentine’s Day. Logging onto Facebook, makes me want to take a wooden stake to each teddy bear that I see a damn picture online. I swear I would have no remorse to watch the stuffing fly through the air with the greatest of ease. How does this holiday go for us with only our hands and a bottle of booze? Well, that is where we come in. It would not be Valentine’s without an induction into the Hall of Hotties and hunks. First up, guys I am going to throw you a bone. I am guessing you are tired of hearing all about 50 Shades. Let me ask you something, do you like nerdy girls? Hold on, you are reading this website, so I already know what the answer is. Of course you do, I know nothing will get the juices flowing faster than seeing a beautiful woman with a 20 sided dice. Are you a fan of role playing? Of course you are, want to know why, because you are single on Valentine’s Day. I have the perfect Hottie for you on this horrible holiday created by Hallmark. The next inductee is a woman that is smart, a gamer, YouTuber, and just like all us has a slight case of social anxiety. The next inductee into the Hall of Hotties is…. Felicia Day.

felicia-day-photos-6I know what you are thinking, who is Felicia Day, wait a minute? No, you are not. Let me tell you how I know this… You are reading this site. The question I bet you are thinking, is how did it take me this long to induct her? Felicia Day is a writer/actress/singer/violin player/is there anything that this woman can’t do? I guess the answer to that question is a resounding, NO. She was thrust into the spotlight when her web series, The Guild became a cult hit. The web show followed a group of people that played The Game (think World of Warcraft) and what happens when they meet outside the confines of the keyboard and mouse. Felicia played Cyd Sherman/Codex, the lovable girl with a slight touch of social awkwardness. I guess that is a bit of an understatement. However, I guess that we are all like that when presented with a situation where our comfort zone is challenged. For me, that would be sitting in front of a beautiful woman. Who am I kidding? It happens when I just walk outside the door. The show was critically acclaimed and launched Felicia’s career.

1324687-felicia_day_1Felicia could also be seen on a television show and movie made by our Savior, Joss Whedon. She played Vi in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She also was cast as Penny in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. I think watching her die in that last scene caused me to cry for weeks on end. I was inconsolable. It finally took a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream candy bar and a Pepsi. She also became a regular guest star on the hit show, Supernatural. Can we say dream girl?

Felicia Day is more than an actor and writer. She may be one of the most creative people on not just on the internet but the planet. You can see her each week on the Youtube Channel that she helped create called Geek & Sundry. You can catch her playing retro games with her brother every Monday in a show called Co Optitude. I have to tell you it is a great way to waste a day not even realize that you had done it.

e4ffab4c11b4630fad8751a1ca550141A woman that can make you laugh, is very driven, and will play video games, That is the type of woman that you put on your life in danger fighting mushrooms and jumping in warp pipes. I would like to welcome Felicia Day to the Hall of Hotties. Felicia if you ever read this, I am challenging you to a round of Nickelodeon Guts on Sega. Game on.