Follow Me

Follow me; come hither

together embarking on this venture

Head west, perhaps east,

anywhere you wish to explore


Follow me into the darkness,

let me be your light,

Let me be your comfort,

in lust or love’s desire


Follow me or lead me,

wherever we may roam

Friends or lovers matters not

adventures,together let us plot


Follow me to my chambers,

or lead me to your lair,

let us entice one another

Embrace as man and harlot


Follow me into the dark abyss

or lead me unto light,

Adore me or despise me,

A new journey to take flight


Follow my enchanting beauty,

or flee from the dark and grim

So many events arise

never fearing, never fleeting from elements of surprise


Follow me over mountains and ponds,

guide me through leagues of the seas

Let’s discover all corners of this world

free as gypsies wandering high seas


Follow me any where

let us see all there is to see

Wanderlust running rampant in our veins,

Vagabonds, free spirits we could be