sunny-winter-roseI am not sure about any of you, but if my phone rings after a certain time a lump begins to form in my throat. I always think of the worse. I feel that it is going to be the call that changes the very foundation of our life. I know when my mother was going through the worse times with health, I just always had to expect that phone call would happen. But what if, that phone call is the one that catches you completely off guard. What if that phone call destroys the very foundation of the life that you have always known?

My phone starts playing Lindsey Stirling. I thought I was having the most wonderful dream ever. Being a little confused as to why my phone was ringing, I let it go to voicemail. I remember playing the voicemail back, and at that moment I knew something was wrong. I do not care what happens in my life, or how old I am, how crappy I feel, but hearing someone crying will always break my heart. It is hard to hear someone cry that you know is stronger than yourself. I made sure I called them back without hesitation when I could. My priority is to make sure that she is going to be fine. Call it my motherly side. I am a 30-year-old male who is chubby, let me have my moment. Secondly, she means a lot to me.

She just wanted someone to listen. She wanted to pour out her heart to someone who would listen. Today marks the anniversary of her sister’s passing. On a night just like this, the roads became slick, and a very young life was taken from this world too soon. The call that no one wants to hear. The news will change your life in a blink of an eye.

Tonight, I watch the snow fall outside my window. The snow is beautiful as it looks like falling stars in front of a street lamp. But in a few people’s minds tonight, the snow is a painful reminder of what if.

It is hard to console someone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife. Telling her that she is always around, is kind of looked down upon by her. But what she doesn’t know is that it is true but not in the biblical sense either. The people that are in our lives influence us. They shape us in a way that we do not even realize. I think it is something that people seems to forget when a loss occurs. They are always around, even you hear a song that the person loved. Their favorite food appears to give you a peace and comfort. It could be a movie or a television show, and yes, even a beer after a long day.

So tonight, I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes from writer Katherine Lee Bates.

“Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet.”

Rose, you are missed, but your legacy and impact will always be remembered.