100314_dolph-ziggler_600Ladies, I am not sure about any of you, but I feel the answer to every question I am about to propose is going to be yes. I do have to ask because that is my job as a journalist. Ladies, are you looking for a man who has a rock hard body? Let me scream out yes for you. Ladies, are you looking for a man who can make you laugh at any given moment? I know, what woman doesn’t? Ladies, are you looking for a man who has the tendency to be a bit of a show-off? If you answered yes, by shouting three-time, people might think you are using Herbal Essences Shampoo again. So while you are getting a change of panties, let me tell you about a man who is the epitome of the word Hunk.

dolph_ziggler_comedy_feature_1Dolph Ziggler is a 34-year-old, who entertains in the world of stand up on occasion but is best known for performing under the bright lights of the WWE. Dolph began his run on WWE television as a caddy, but the character never actually caught on. The next time this sexy man was on WWE television, he was wrestling with a group known as the Spirit Squad. A group of male cheerleaders that only annoyed the fans as much as humanly possible. However, as the old saying goes the third time is the charm?

The third time was under the character of Dolph Ziggler, and the rocket has been strapped to him ever since. He is a former tag champion, Intercontinental champion, and a former world heavyweight champion. He can go out and steal the show with a 20-minute performance that this girl will not soon forget.

dolph-ziggler-photoHe is talented in the ring as well as out of the ring. Dolph is a very successful stand-up comic, performing on his off day with WWE. The man knows how to keep a crowd entertained. I can honestly say I would not mind going one on one. He even dated Comic Amy Schumer. Plus, he is even fluent in sign language. Intelligent and a body like a god, I would totally swipe right on his Tinder.

I would like to welcome WWE Star Dolph Ziggler into the Hall of Hunks.