I am rocking some Gerry Butler today. Gerard as his mother named him is a very multi-faceted person that shares this planet with us. He is Scottish-Irish mix in bloodline, and all over the place in mind line (yes, a play on words that might flop but I’m doing it anyway). I fell in love with the mind and talent of Gerry after watching several of his films.

Gerard-Butler-Wearing-DolceGabbana-At-Chasing-Mavericks-Premiere-sexy-hot-shirtless-fashion-singleGerry Butler is all over the place with his acting career. He doesn’t limit or label himself as a serious, or comedic type or just any kind of actor. He is every kind of actor. Dracula 2000, he sunk his teeth into that one and did pretty dang good. 3000, yes, he played a warrior and a hot one that knew his business well there too. Butler was in such hits as Tomb Raider 2, Attila, Gamer, Playing for Keeps, The Bounty Hunter and my all time favorite P.S. I Love You. He played an Irishman who dies and helps his wife make it back to the land of the living from grief by leaving letters and gifts for her to get through the pain. In 2013, he played a leading role in Olympus Has Fallen with Morgan Freeman. These are just a few, his resume of past movie roles goes on and on even though he didn’t start until 1997. He is currently working on a new project called Hunter Killer, and I bet it will be a good one also.

Phantom of the Opera is one of the greatest musicals (in my opinion) ever produced. It’s been on stages worldwide, and has a history most don’t know. Le Gaulois, a French daily newspaper ran a series on September 23, 1909, to January 8, 1910 by French writer Gaston Laroux called Le Fantome de l’Opera. It was partly inspired by events that took place at the Paris Opera in the 19th century and also the then circulating stories of a deceased ballet student’s skeleton being used in the production of Der Freischutz. Phantom of the Opera was first put on film in 1925 and adapted by Andrew Lloyd Webber into a musical in 1986. It’s been on Broadway, off Broadway, filmed as a musical and Gerard Butler played the Phantom in 2004. He rocked it too.

gerardbutler1His early life is full of pepper and spice too. He had finished law school and one week before he qualified he kept missing work the day after his rock band would have a gig and got fired. I never found out the legalities of that country’s attorney requirements, but if he made it up to the week of becoming one, in any country that spells smart to me. After that he worked in a variety of jobs including as a waiter, a telemarketer and a demonstrator of how toys work at fairs.

gerardbutler2Sports, charities, children, giving back to those unfortunate are some of his other outstanding qualities as a person, and yeah I love to hear him sing. So in today’s world where everyone labels everyone with a specific they will have to label Gerry Butler as this specific to me, extraordinaire in mind and talent and a celebrity to be celebrated. So I will, especially since my two girls want actually to watch his musical genius in the Phantom of the Opera with me again.

Think outside the box and surround yourself with those that do the same. Who knows? Gerry Butler just might sing Galway Girl to you someday in a movie remake..(alright we can all dream)