unnamedMarvel is about to take its next step in creating its own cinematic universe with the release of the newest Avengers movie. Now, while I am excited about the movie because all the characters play off of each other really well, there is something floating around in the world of rumors that has left me quite puzzled. I think everyone can agree that a Superhero is just fun to watch on the big screen. Something about the action, the drama, and in some cases the sarcasm that just makes us yearn for more. However, there is one franchise that I am tiring of hearing and seeing reboots for and that is Spiderman.

The newest rumor is that Spidey will make his debut in the MCU in the next Captain America movie. I think this could be an awesome crossover, the one question that I have to ask is why? Since the first Spiderman film in 2002, it seems that Marvel and Sony just can’t get it right. Look at the Tobey McGuire movies. The first movie was average at best and told the origin of the character. It seemed though that the writers had no clue what they were getting into. . The writers of the movies failed in getting the facts right and called Harry Osbourn the New Goblin. The only good movie of the first three films was the second one. Plus, no one wants to remember the Emo Spidey from the third movie.

The final movie of the first run was released in 2007. The movie was looked at as a disgrace, so what bright idea does Marvel and Sony come up with? Rebooting the franchise in 5 years. A whole new Spiderman graced the screen played by Andrew Garfield. The second run of the franchise seemed to lack something but was able to be more of what Marvel has been doing in recent years. Was Andrew Garfield a terrible Spiderman? No. Could the scripts for the Amazing Spiderman been better? I think the answer is yes.

tumblr_nhoazeULDK1s01fsdo1_500The rumor mill is saying that Spiderman will show up in the next Captain America movie, but that is not the only plan. The idea is that Marvel and Sony have agreed to make another new movie with a new Spiderman. Andrew Garfield is out and most likely will be replaced with Asa Butterfield. If Spiderman were just going to be brought into other movies, I would not mind this. I think Spiderman would be more loved in a role similar to the one of the Hulk in the Avengers. The Hulk movies were terrible, and the character just cannot carry a movie alone. I am feeling Spiderman is in that same category as Hulk.

On the flip side, there is possibly going to be another reboot of the franchise. That means in the last 20 years, there would be three origin movies for the same character. I do not believe that the actor cast to play Spiderman is the problem as much as it is the character and writing. I think Spiderman needs to be put on the shelf for a while and brought back when the time is right.

What do you think? Do you want to see another Spiderman origin movie?