7233029_GFirst off, I want to take the time to apologize for the lack of post in the past of couple of months. There is a reason, and while it may not be the best reason in the world, it is still a reason. I had a realization over the past couple of months. One that it took almost 31 years to have. Some people just fucking suck. Plain and simple. I think I would rather take my chances eating a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream than be in the same room as some of these people. I know that sounds terrible, but the truth is supposed to sound awful at times.

As many of you know, my health is not in the best shape. Right now, I would like to think, I am in health limbo. I have been poked with so many needles over the years that at some point I am going to take a drink a Pepsi, and it will start pouring out. Well, I decided to tell someone as to what is going on and low and behold, their views of me changed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, seizures are nothing to laugh at but for the love all things holy, do I not have feelings? Am I not a human being? Do I look like I am a robot overlord about to enslave the world? If I did, I would not be a goddamn writer and Phantom Menace would have been a better movie. So in the moment of freaking out, this person did not want me around them. It was a family “friend,” and I use the term friend lightly. I am not sure if the word is in their vocabulary. I was also told to lie about what I am going through, and not tell anyone. Yes, hiding it. The easiest solution to any problem is to ignore that it exists. That is until I start seizing, and you can’t use twerking as an option.

Merriam-Webster_logo.svgSo why do I say some people fucking suck? It is not rocket science people. If someone in their mind can’t explain what is going on, the first reaction is to judge. It does not matter whether it has to do with one’s health or skin color, or even sexual preference. Social Media has made it easy for us to bash people and make them feel inferior. It is easy to attack someone for not being like you. But who are you to define what normal is? The last time I checked none of you were Merriam-Webster. It is easy to talk down to someone, but I want all of you to think about this. We all have things in our closets that we do not want the closest people to us to find out.

The next time you decide to bash someone for being a little different, remember they are happy! And all you do is sit in a shell of misery because you are too damn afraid to be you.