968full-laina-morrisThe last year has not been that easy to me. I have hit rock bottom in one department of my life. I am lonely. I am so lonely that I have proposed to put ads on Craigslist looking for my one true love, however knowing my luck, all that will turn up may be a rash that can’t be cured. Let me tell you how lonely I have become, I thought about taking twenty dollars and seeing what I could get for it. Needless to say, all I ended up with is a couple of McDoubles, some Pepsi, and a dozen Powdered Sugar Donuts. I am not going to lie; the donuts started looking pretty good. I mean they have a hole. Something has to come from that moment besides looking like I am addicted to cocaine. I think the next girl I am going to be searching for is going to be a stage 5 clinger. One that will text me at all times of the days, and wonder if I am cheating while I am asleep or getting checked for diabetes. Please remember that I just ate 11 powdered sugar donuts. You should know what happened to the 12th. I want someone that will call me every 11 seconds when I am out hanging with friends. A woman like this would be the dream. So while I was perusing the net, I came across something that made me laugh, and yet made me giggle like a schoolgirl or the person videoing my experiments with a donut. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is just that, a little obsessive and has a sense of humor to add. The inductee into the Hall of Hotties is Laina Morris.

Oh, I bet you are asking yourself, “Who in the blue hell is Laina Morris?” You know who she is, but just didn’t know her name. May I present to you the 23-year-old YouTube sensation behind the very popular meme…The Overly Obsessed Girlfriend!

E70Now how did this all get started, let me take you back to a year that was full of magic. A year so long ago that the world could have ended, and we would have never known. The year was 2012. A video was uploaded of her singing a song, and the rest is history. And now the video that makes me realize that there are women out there who do care.
Now, there is a lot more to Laina than the one character. She does a lot of other comedy videos online, as well as guest starring in the occasional television show or the episode of Tabletop with Wil Wheaton. That is how I was introduced to her.

ffae11daa451857d5b7dffb2923b534dThe one thing I have loved about doing the Hall of Hotties is the fact that we do not do just Hollywood debutantes; we bring you a lot more. And Laina may be one of the most awesome inductions to the Hall of Hotties ever. She is smart, beautiful and has a sense of humor. Any guy would be lucky to have a woman like this. So we would like to welcome Laina into the Hall. Laina, if you happen to read this, we are ok with telling you where we are at all times.

On an unrelated note, if your friends have told you that you are exactly like the Overly Attached Girlfriend, and you are currently single, send me an email at the address below. I can’t wait to become your prisoner….I mean friend.