11257150_986936324683980_6274180098015567512_nThe one thing that I have noticed about being a nerd is that it is difficult to find love. First off, I tend to fall into the stereotype of not being able to talk to a member of the opposite gender. I am not sure if it is the fact that I have little self-esteem in the dating depart, a special thank you letter will be sent to everyone in my past. That is sarcasm for those that do not understand the written form of that art. The second reason is that I am truly afraid of rejection at times. You can only be hurt so many times while looking like a cross between Robin Williams, and a muppet had a love child. So this past weekend, I learned that at Fan Expo Dallas, I could try speed dating with nerds. I feel that this maybe the best and worst idea I have ever had.
I am not sure how many of you are aware of Sci-Fi Speed Dating? But over the past few years, Sci-Fi Speed Dating, has an amazing number of successes in the nerd world. At this time, they are the result of at least 62 marriages, 43 couples engaged, and many more with the new relationship smell. You can’t argue with results like that. I decided to sign up and try this out. Either I am going to find my nerd love or at the very least, I am going to meet some amazing people.

First thing, Sci-Fi Speed Dating is free for the ladies. Men do have to pay a fee to be a part of a session. The idea of paying is to help turn away people who think this is a joke, or the guys your mother warned you about. I can’t blame them for this approach. Speed dating does not have the best stigma, but this is so different than your usual speed-dating session.

The time had come for me to meet hopefully my nerdette in shining armor. We line up against the walls like it is a Sadie Hawkins Dance. Remember in the scene of Revenge of the Nerds, where the Tri-Lambs are first in the room with the Omega-Mu sorority? It was about the same kind of awkward. I am telling you, good thing we actually had to talk to people because this could get interesting fast.

Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/SciFiSpeedDating

Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/SciFiSpeedDating

First, the woman are seated in the room while the guys in the hallway begin to sweat bullet, or that was just me. I plead the fifth. We are escorted into the room and told to sit in front of a beautiful woman. I happen to sit down in front of a Poison Ivy who looked a lot better than Uma Thurman. We are not allowed to talk to the person until time starts. However, we broke the rules. The main reason here was my stuffed squirrel Nutsy. He was a present and had to tell that story a lot. In the span of twenty, 2 minute dates. And now, I could do what Ted did for Stella in How I Met Your Mother.  I was able to go on a date with Poison Ivy, a Librarian, a member of Star Fleet, Batgirl, Phoenix from the X-men, a woman who makes comic con a family affair, and an empty chair. I did not get nervous until they said go. Thanks for the added pressure of only having 2 minutes to impress someone. I am not sure that I have a story that can be told in under two minutes.

All in all, not living in Dallas kind of hurt in me in getting numbers, or going back to reason number 1. I was able to procure a few numbers in my speed dating session. However, I may not have my companion to travel through time and space with, does not mean you should not give it a go.

You can check out Sci-Fi Speed Dating on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/SciFiSpeedDating