As my brush glides across the canvas I realize I’m not in control anymore.
It’s this force that I can’t contain.
A wicked energy glides through my very core
Madly painting this artwork to life.
It’s my soul that loves and lives to create.
This feeling I know too well when my body is no longer bound by chains.
I thrive in chaos
Live in mess
Dream in madness.
Too long have I been bound by routine and been driven down by day to day tasks.
When I let go of the strings my soul flies.
I am up above looking down on myself.
The Mad painter and I.

About the author

Amber Mcquade

Hi, my name is Amber aka blur. Blur is a childhood nickname my dad gave me because of my ADHD and that’s all he ever saw of me. I like to call myself a nerd gamer extraordinaire. I spend most of my time writing, gaming, and watching TV. I have a huge addiction to British television. My obsessions are Doctor Who, Sherlock, & Orphan Black. I am happily married to the love of my life and we have two cats named Charlotte & Mina. We also have a huge dog who thinks he’s a baby named Maximus. Our idea of a good weekend is lots of coffee, big bowls of cereal, and gaming on our separate TVs that are in the same room with separate headsets. I have way too many talents and not enough outlets. Not only do I write, but I sing, draw, play guitar, sew, craft, cut hair, dye hair, and many more. I’ve heard that genius borders insanity and I tend to cross between the two constantly. Other than that I love music, my furbabies, and documenting everyday life .I believe that if you aren’t living life if you hate your job so find something you love and stick with it and your happy ending will soon follow behind. Don’t take life so seriously, No one makes it out alive anyway.