GalleryChar_1920x1080_HQVDAY_CVR_54b9c4f5838ce0.75956437I remember growing up and hearing the same thing about finding love, especially from my mother. “Now Richard, you need to find yourself a very nice young lady to spend the rest of life with.” I dated many girls that fit the type of “bring home to mom.” I always tried to find the find the girl who would be a great fit to have a family, and I am not counting my marriage in this, I was drunk for four months. I am 30 years old and being with the nice girl has left me with nothing. So Screw it, I want a crazy bitch. I want a woman that is going to flip my world upside down to the point that at any minute I could land behind bars. I want a woman is a little dark and a lot of fun, and I have found her. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is an easy one, and I am no joker when I say it is…..Harley Quinn.

harley-quinnYes, a comic book character. A character that has left me obsessed over the past few weeks. Harley Quinn wasn’t always crazy. She had a normal job like the rest of us. She was a psychiatrist tending to the craziest villain ever to come through Gotham, Joker. Dr. Harleen Qunizel was just your average girl until she became under the powers of the Joker. She adopted the moniker of Harley Quinn, a spoof on the word harlequin.

Her first appearance in the DC Universe was 1992 when she appeared for the first time in the Batman cartoon series. It had taken a little bit of time before the character became a cult phenomenon. She is now the star of not just Batman universe but her own comic book, and Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is also getting a full length movie to be released in 2016. I have to say the Nerd, who likes the bad girls is getting excited to see Harley on the big screen.

agent_harley_quinn_skin_bombshell_wallpaper_54cbecf63b11d6.51201313A bad girl who is intelligent, smart, and sexy. Yeah. I am fucked. I would turn into a bumbling idiot if she were ever to talk to me. I would end up getting my ass handed to me in the same style as the henchmen in the Batman 66 TV show or the stormtroopers.

I would like to welcome Harley Quinn into the Hall of Hotties. Harley, I may not be the Joker, but I do tell jokes, most bad, and I would gladly let you manipulate me into anything. Yes. I said anything.