4496526-xyience-ronda-rouseyI have done a lot of inductions into the Hall of Hotties. I have been super excited knowing that at one point hopefully the person inducted will read and send me a marriage proposal. Today is not that day. This is absolutely the first time that I am doing a Hall of Hotties from an undisclosed location for fear of my life. Yes, an induction that is going to be so epic that I have bought a complete suit made of NERF and upped my life insurance policy by a few hundred thousand. First, I have to say that I am not very manly. I guess the only manly thing about me is that I enjoy my steak rare. It is meat, and we should honor the meat. With that being said, I do things in my everyday life that would make people question that I even have a penis. I am a fan of the Lifetime show, Dance Moms. Do not judge me, people. The show is funny and has a way of making me feel better about myself. I like to eat whole pints of ice cream while having pillow fights with my best friends. Ok. That sounded a little weird and if you could kindly forget that statement we can move on. The one thing about me is that I need someone to protect. I am fine being emasculated especially if it is by our next inductee into the Hall of Hotties. The beautiful, the talented, the woman who can kick most men’s asses, Ronda Rousey.

Ronda-Rousey-Buffalo-Pro-14I have been slowly getting into the sport of MMA. Mixed Martial Arts has appealed to me a few times, names like Quentin “Rampage” Jackson or Chuck Liddell. However, my love for MMA started to grow a few years ago when Strikeforce, a defunct MMA company, introduced the world to women’s MMA. The first fight I ever watched was with Gina Carano. I was hooked on Women’s MMA. However, it was not until November of 2012, women’s MMA would get noticed when Rousey became the first woman to sign with the UFC. She was immediately named the women’s Bantamweight Champion and the rest was history. She has a professional record of 11-0. The only undefeated record I have is against chicken wings. Her longest fight lasted three rounds against Meisha Tate, someone she had already fought before and won against. Rousey is preparing for her next battle at UFC 190 tomorrow night against Bethe Correia.

RondaRouseyFF703Fighting is not all Ronda does. She has started working on her acting career. Starring in such hits as The Expendables 3, Furious 7, and Entourage. She has also dabbled in the world of professional wrestling showing at this past Wrestlemania helping out The Rock.

ronda-rousey-at-tonight-show-with-jimmy-fallon-in-new-york-2403_3One of the major questions she has been asked is if she can beat up any men. The one name that keeps getting brought up is Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated boxer who defeated Manny Pacquiao this past spring. Rousey says she can take him, and rumors are stating a celebrity boxing match between the two in the future.
We would like to welcome the most dangerous woman in the world into the Hall of Hotties. It is Ronda’s world, and we are just living in it.

I have tried to stay away from making sexual jokes concerning moves that are used in the UFC because I know she would destroy me in less than 10 seconds. Ronda if you happen to read this, all I want is a hug. I also have a list of people that made fun of me in high school that I would love for you to meet.