The Wil Wheaton Project -- Pictured: Wil Wheaton - Host

In my quest for finding the perfect man, I have learned some very valuable life lessons. The first is no matter how many rippling muscles a man has, it may be difficult to hold an intelligible conversation. But when the man has abs that can grate cheese, who needs to be talking anyway. I want him to take me in an unwed fashion. The next thing I have learned is not to date the over redneck kind of guy either. The trucks are a compensation for the size of their penis. Trust me, if the wheels are taller than you, the penis is smaller than a baby carrot. But, there is one type of man that will keep me on my toes. A type of man that one can have intelligent conversations with, and will be able to keep you on your toes. The type of man is the NERD!!! I love nerds with all my heart. So it is a no-brainer that I want this induction into the Hall of Hunks to talk nerdy to me. The next induction into the Hall of Hunks is the talented Wil Wheaton.

Wil Wheaton is a 42-year-old actor, blogger, YouTube host, game enthusiast, nerd, and lover of hockey. He was first thrust into the national spotlight at a young age with his role in the classic movie, Stand By Me. A young Wil played the role of Gordie. The movie is heralded as one of the best Cult Classics by movie watchers everywhere. His next big role would land him in the world of nerdom aboard the Starship Enterprise. The character of Wesley Crusher was not well received by the fans of the series causing Wil to walk away from Star Trek:TNG. In the past few years, Wheaton has seen the praise and adoration for the character. A character that I remember growing up with and hoping that time would have overlapped and somehow, Wesley was beamed down to my bedroom. Our eyes would lock, and he would go where no man had gone before.

wil-wheaton-2Wil faded out of the spotlight for a while being an advocate for technology and helping with a company called New Trek based out of Topeka Kansas. It was not until 2009, Wil became a leading member of the nerd community and pop culture community with his role on two hit series. The first being the cult hit web series The Guild. The second role he played was himself on The Big Bang Theory leading to some of this girls favorite episodes. I have been known to yell WHEATON during some very vigorous activities. I really hope his wife does not hurt me for that comment. He was also eaten by a shark at the beginning of Sharknado 2. Now you can see him on the new SYFY show, Dark Matter.

Wil is a huge advocate for the board game community. He has gone into great detail about the times he has played games with his entire family. Thus, it was an easy transition for him to host the show TableTop on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. I wouldn’t mind him rolling my 20 sided dice.

A man who cares about his family and loves what he does. His wife is one very lucky woman. We would like to welcome one of the most amazing people not just in Hollywood or on the net, but on the planet into The Hall of Hunks. Wil, if you ever take the time to read this, I would love for you to be my dungeon master.