You may be in his arms tonight,

but are you the only one on his mind

Are you certain it’s only you, to which his heart confides?


He may profess his love for you

Your mind too weak to recognize his one of many lies

Can  you really not see what he hides behind those deceitful ebony eyes?


Are you just an imbecile,

an innocent just as I

Wrapped in this false euphoria, a most beautiful disguise


Does he make sumptuous love to you

maybe moan your sweet name in the dark?

Does he express sincerely it’s you that’s in his mind and heart?


Does he tell you that he needs you

from now to beyond forever

Or does he speak these words you desire to a frail mind and heart,

providing safe, but false faltering shelter


It’s a malicious game of cat and mouse, this battle that we’re in

A feud, a duel so fervent with no unfeigned cause

A man who’s fugacious faithfulness and love

the greatly sought  reward?


I’d never be his wife, and refuse to be his whore

My heart and soul worthy, and deserving of so much more

He proves himself a vagrant, a must cunning harlot in this life

His only desire to destroy both of us, our like  hearts and minds alike


I empathize sincerely in your love for him,

I too feel it, knowing how he leaves you lusting after more

Never again will I fall victim to his charms;

refusing to be his prisoner of unnecessary war