As a Doctor Who fanboy, I have always wanted to know something? Does the actor playing The Doctor have all the pressure on them or does the actor or actress playing the companion have all of the pressure? I feel the role of the companion is just as important as the role of the Doctor at times. If you were to look back at Rose Tyler and Amy Pond, you could make those arguments with batting an eyelash. So where does Clara fit into the companion lore? Actress Jenna Coleman has revealed that she is leaving Doctor Who after two and a half series. I am not sure as if it comes as a surprise as it may be a little too late for her to regain some of the popularity that she had with Matt Smith.

LyzK3KbClara was great in series 7 even having a large role in the trilogy that contained the 50th-anniversary special. However, after 11 regenerated into 12, the show went to a different place. Instead of putting most of the focus around The Doctor, the focus was around Clara and her boyfriend, Danny. Series 8 relied way too much on Clara instead of relying on what makes the show. A lot of Whovians thought that Jenna was done after the finale of series 8 where the Doctor and her character, had an emotional goodbye. I feel this would have been a great ending point to the character. However, that is not the case. She will be around for series 9. I have to say as much as a fan that I am, I have some hesitation about this season going in. I really do like her, but I hope she is not around for the entire season. Jenna will be starring as Queen Victoria in her new role.

We do know that she is leaving, but will she be around for the entire season? What do you think of the Clara character? Did she overstay her welcome, or do you want to see more of her? Leave a comment below.

Series 9 premieres this Saturday, and we will be reviewing each episode on Sunday or Monday.