holiday-macysShe stared at him through the looking glass, as if he were the hero. She watched him make love to the world around Him as if the last thing on his mind was his bride to be. Ten long years she had waited to be held by him, touched by his unconditional love. She never regretted the sacrifice she had made for him, but time was growing short for her and she could feel her spirit slipping away with each passing second. All those years ago, she had made him a promise that she would be waiting for him. He walked through life never knowing that he was destined to be with her again. That Part of his life that he knew had been obscured by the demon that haunted him so. With every woman he bedded, he felt the irresistible pull of something he could not escape. The need for his warm embrace, to escape the cold that he had buried her in was so powerful, she pushed at his barriers. She needed to be released in all her glory. With every mirror and window he passed he could see her in the corner of his eye watching him struggle with a decision that would lead him to the knowledge and ecstasy that would set him free. He yearned to let her come forward and be free of his demons once and for all. He owed her that freedom, he knew that! The freedom of knowing true peace and happiness that could only become reality with his true nature revealed. He stopped in front of a boutique window, something had caught his eye! She smiled wickedly at the chink in his armor. It was a simple little black baby doll dress. She knew that it was meant to be hers. He stared at the dress with such intensity, he admired its simple beauty and the way it flowed. His mind being taking over with the sudden urge to wear it, to feel it against his skin was so strong that he was in the boutique before he had a chance to realize what was happening. This was her chance, she had control now and she wasn’t going to surrender without a fight. Her fingers caressed his spirit, her angelic voice whispered in his ear. He was powerless to her charms. His spirit fighting for control of the normal and losing ground with every excuse he tried to use to combat the urges he was feeling. “Give in.” she said sweetly, her voice floated in the ether of his every conscious thought. “Give in to me, love, we were meant to be together.” The voice kept whispering. Suddenly, she felt the walls of her prison shatter like thunder crashing. It gave way to sunshine and a lush field of roses, happiness, and pure unadulterated happiness.

product-mediumsquare-199998-6610-1377650448-7204f81c9de8efd991fc33a197948a8b.377650449_type_mediumsquare_nid_199998_uid_6610_0He stared at her through the looking glass, as if she were the hero. He watched her make love to the world as if the last thing on her mind was her groom to be. His debt repaid, he could finally be happy, he managed a smile as his spirit faded away into the darkness.