maxresdefaultLast week my inbox was flooded after posting Nerdgasm: Being a Wrestling Fan. I was told that we needed a few wrestling articles here and there. I have to say that I agree with them, plus it is just more fun to talk about something fun. I am going to do a quick prediction of tonight’s WWE Night of Champions. Sorry for this being brief but a lot of weird things have happened today.
But here we go. I am going to be taking a running tally heading into each show for an entire year to see if I can see into a crystal ball or not.

The Cosmic Wasteland Vs Neville and The Lucha Dragons
I don’t see the Cosmic Wasteland losing here. I think this a win that Stardust will get back over Neville. On a side note, this will be a quick high-flying style of match. Should be a good way to kick off the show.

The New Day (Champion) Vs. The Dudley’s
The New Day may be the most entertaining thing on WWE TV right now, but they will lose the match via a Dq to the returning Dudley Boys. The Dudleys will get their tenth reign just not tonight.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Rusev
If Lana were healthy, I would have to say somehow Rusev will win, but I feel this is the end of the feud between the two. Ziggler wins and steals Summer Rae in the process.

Ryback (IC Champ) vs. Kevin Owens
I think it is time to pull the trigger on a Kevin Owens single title run. Owens wins in a hard hitting match.

The Wyatt Family Vs Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and?
It all comes down to who the mystery partner is. I have some ideas as to who but I have it narrowed down to three, Ceasaro, Kane, or Samoa Joe. I do not think it will matter though as Reigns and Ambrose will win.

Nikki Bella (Divas Champion) Vs. Charlotte
The WWE has erased AJ Lee’s history, so I believe this is where the daughter of Ric Flair wins her first championship of many.

Seth Rollins (US Champ) VS John Cena
I feel this is the match Seth will lose in tonight. John Cena will regain the championship that he lost only a month ago.

Seth Rollins (WWE Champion) Vs Sting
I am torn on this one. On one hand I want to see Sting win a championship in the WWE. On the other I feel Rollins wins. I am picking Rollins.

However, if Sting wins, Sheamus cashes in The Money in the Bank briefcase and walks out as champion.

Next week, We are going to have an early prediction of the Wrestlemania card.