Tonight the WWE returns to the network for the annual Hell in a Cell event. As we know the main event, tonight is going to be the finale of The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar feud. The night will also give us one more Hell in a Cell match with Bray Wyatt taking on Roman Reigns. The US title will be defended in an open challenge possibly giving a new star a chance to shine or make a very special return. (See later) However, the rest of the show is nothing more than rematches of the event from the month prior from Night of Champions. This is where things have been going wrong for the WWE, but first we need to take a look at the past.

goldberg_hogan_crop_northThe Monday Night War is always going to be something special to all wrestling fans from the 90s. It was a time that none of us will ever forget. I remember what Mondays were like, having to flip back and forth from TNT to USA. The one thing both promotions did make sure they were going to win the rating war is to give away PPV quality matches for free. I think the one that I remember the most is the night the WCW title changed at the Georgia Dome. I do not think there is anyone who would argue the fact the Goldberg and Hogan would have made huge money on PPV. A match with a proper build would garner a buzz. Just a small build would have made a WCW have the largest buy rate in the history of the company. At the time, however, the more important thing to do is a PPV main event that has two basketball players. Since WCW Nitro debuted in 1995, the WWE had to give away big matches to the public just to gain ratings, and when WCW was bought by WWE, the company still did the big matches because as a company you can’t regress. This is the beginning of the problems that hit WWE PPVs at this point.

How many times can you have the same match on PPV without fans not wanting to come back? I do not have any issue with a rematch here and there on PPV. A feud does need to continue but how many times can you have the same match. The company has backed themselves into a corner and figure some of the best ways out of the situation is giving us the same match month after month and to a lesser extent week after week. I am not sure how the company can fire on all cylinders around Wrestlemania, but can’t seem to put together any momentum any other time of the year. It may actually be a time to revert to a more simple time. I believe one of the main reasons NXT works as a whole is the fact that stars will have a match where they will look amazing. Back in the day these type of matches would be called a squash match. These matches need to happen more frequently. The idea of having a few matches on TV where a talent looks better is not a terrible thing to give the fans. You can still do quality matches on TV and have the occasional title match. It may not need to be mega star against a mega star, but a mega star taking on a mid-card star would be a great way to end a Raw and elevate a new star in the company.

This brings us back to tonight. I feel tonight is Night of Champions with a couple of cell matches. I wonder if you missed last month’s show would it really matter. Will tonight be memorable? Yes. Will it be for the right reasons? That is where the question lies, but there was hardly any build to this show at all. WWE did not do their job in selling us this show. If it wasn’t for Lesnar and Taker would you even know a show would be happening tonight?

ZEGIM3j9Well…..Let’s at least pick the winners and losers for tonight’s Hell in a Cell event.

The Dudley’s will finally beat The New Day to win the WWE Tag Team Titles in a rematch from Night of Champions.

Kevin Owens will defeat Ryback in a rematch to retain the IC Title in a rematch from Night of Champions.

Charlotte will beat Nikki Bella to retain the Divas Championship in a rematch from Night of Champions.

Seth Rollins will defeat to retain the WWE Championship against Kane. Sheamus will not cash in tonight, but I think that will happen next month at Survivor Series.

John Cena will lose the US Championship. Now, who will answer the challenge is the biggest question. I feel there need to be two ways the WWE needs to go here to make it special. A new star needs to answer the challenge to become a champion, or it is time to bring back a star from injury. Yep, I am going down the route that Daniel Bryan returns tonight. It is no secret that Cena will be taking time off, so they are going to need someone to fill the void of a huge star. Bryan is the guy to do just that. However, if it is not Bryan, an NXT star will shine in a debut tonight. Cena, Sorry about your damn luck. (Hint! Hint)

Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt in Hell in a Cell match in what could honestly steal the show.

Finally, Lesnar defeats The Undertaker. I have bounced back and forth on this, but one possible scenario is that it will set up Lesnar’s match at Wrestlemania.

Next week, we will be discussing are preliminary Wrestlemania card, and a little bit more. Enjoy WWE Hell in a Cell.