I dream of your face

your come and get me smile

Feel the warmth of your arms around me

I can taste the sweetness of your lips


I dream of us together again

Making love faces,

Holding hands,

I still hear your promises of forever ringing in my ears


I dream of our family, what we could have been

How beautiful she’d have looked

With mommy’s brown eyes,

Our freckles, my nose

Daddy’s sweet smile, a mixture of our laughs


I dream of the days when we began the fall of being so deeply in love

How I’d hide my feelings, how you saw right through that facade

How you held me close, whispering sweet promises of forever

How you proposed in the grandstands, that hot July day

How we fought for our love against all odds


My dreams torture me, when I wake to my reality

You’re gone

We’re over

What’s done is done


I’m left being the only one

Still waiting

Still wishing

Still hoping what I dream could come true


This love isnt over, we’re still fighting,

That this is really true love

Still mine

Still us

Still fighting to make it to the end of OUR forever,

like you promised we would always do