Dear Santa,

Well, those are two words I never thought I’d say. But here I am, 30 years old and writing a letter to “Santa.” So here goes. You know, as a child I never really wrote a letter to you. There was one time, when I wrote to you for snow on Christmas Eve for my mom, but otherwise, no. In my parent’s house, growing up my mom always had a motto. She still to this day says, “If you don’t believe, you don’t receive.” I always laugh whenever she says that because I mean, really, I’m supposed to believe in Santa Claus? It’s ridiculous when you hear it out loud and think about it on a surface level. Now, though, as an adult I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t something more to what my wise mother has been saying all these years. As I sit here and think about it, I’m beginning to wonder if the point isn’t necessarily to believe in Santa, but to just believe.

a0939500a6b52496a9fc3f82dc13d2daI wonder if the point all these years wasn’t to just believe in the magic of the holiday season, in the magic that Christmas can bring. People can easily get caught up in trying to get the right gift for everyone, and who can spend the most money to get the best gift for so and so. I wonder Santa, how many letters you get asking for anything other than the everyday material items we all tell ourselves that we “need.” The word ‘believe’, I think, has lost its real meaning during this time of year. So with that said, I’m not going to ask you for anything that can be bought in a store or through a catalog (do people still order from catalogs?). But I’m also not going to ask you to better the health of my loved ones either because those are big issues that I believe need to be handled by a higher power (no offense). Those are the kind of issues I pray to God for. I pray for him to watch over my family and friends and to keep them healthy and to help get through their hardships. I just feel those are heavy issues we should leave to the big man upstairs. And I won’t be asking you to let me come into money either because I feel that’s maybe a little selfish. Though, I gotta tell you, if you happen to have an extra million dollars lying around, I wouldn’t exactly turn it down (I’m just saying).

So instead I’m going to ask you for something that’s important to me without trying to sound selfish. I’m asking for the chance to be considered as opposed to just passed up on. I’m asking for the chance to finally put my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications to use. I’m asking for the chance to finally work in the field I spent four years studying. I’m asking for the chance to put my passion and love for music to use. Though this position specifically isn’t my dream job, it’s certainly a step in the right direction toward achieving the dream job. I’ve done my part by applying for the position, but if you’ve got any pull in making things like this happen, it would make for quite the Christmas gift.

I’m sure after all of this you’re wondering if I even believe in the magic of Christmas. Honestly? I haven’t felt the magic of Christmas in such a long time that I can’t even remember what it feels like to really believe. The world has become such a cruel and ugly place, and I find it harder to put faith in….well, a lot actually. People let you down and positive thinking really doesn’t work for me. As far as praying goes, I’m not going to bother the man upstairs for something like this. He has bigger problems on his plate, “world peace” and all. So I figured what the heck, why not take a leap and “believe” in the magic you might be able to bring me.

P.S. I won’t hold it against you if you drop the ball on this, but don’t expect to be left any cookies and Coca-Cola on Christmas Eve either 😉

Looking for a reason to believe