Dear Santa,

starbuvcks-giftcsardI think I have been a wonderful girl this year. I have been able to find out who I really am. I realized I do not have to dress slutty to get the attention of the people I really want to notice me. I realized all I have to do is be adorable and be somewhat modest. A girl has to leave something to the imagination. So the first thing I would like is a sweater dress. I have fallen in love with this pair of boots I received for Christmas and now I can be your typical white girl. I need some new leggings to with my sweater dress and an infinity scarf because well, I have to stay warm. I think I also need a Starbucks gift card. I wouldn’t mind having Poe Dameron under my tree so he could fly my X Wing. Can’t wait to see what I have to unwrap tomorrow.

Rebekah Paige

Ps. You can also leave his phone number.