It is the holiday season and finding the perfect gift, the perfect love, and the perfect amount of weirdness can be difficult. But lucky for us, there is Craigslist. So if you are looking for something perfect, Amazon, Ebay, even Tinder would be a better option. During this Christmas Season we are going to take a look at some of the more weird things to come from the site that gives you broken junk and herpes since 1995.


I have been trying to figure out what great costumes I could use for Cosplay but I never thought in a million years that I would ever find a nail clipper costume. This is a dream come true. I really hope that this costume comes with the nail file attachment because wearing this is social suicide. And if that was not enough, Icicle Christmas Lights. Man, you could never find a deal like that at Big Lots. I think if I owned this I would wear it outside nail salons just to mess with people walking in.


I know Star Wars is coming out tomorrow, but I had no idea there were 78 tapes. Holy hell, the only explanation is that this guy owns a time machine and has brought all these tapes to the present. The one thing that really confuses me is that they still make VHS tapes in the future. Oh…It’s the Trek.


So what about needing to make some extra money during Christmas. I feel taking on a job is not a bad thing, but running away with a cat circus may actually be terrible enough. I have watched enough Batman to know where this one is heading.


I have always wanted to be in a movie but kissing a guy for 10,000 was not on my list but it sure is now. I would gladly put on the dress and some fishnets to make that happen. I may not be the best kisser but seeing the photo which looks like it is from a video dating catalog proves to me that I have a fighting chance.


I am not sure who I feel worse for in this situation, the guy who lost possibly his only friend, or the mouse who has somehow stumbled into the same story as Fivel Goes West. It’s the mouse.

If you are looking at Craigslist for anything this Christmas, make a better decision….Go to Wal-Mart. You will still see the same amount of sleep pants.