hallmark-christmas-collageI hate not having someone at the holidays. I really just miss being able to sit around on the couch and watch my favorite Christmas movies. I love to see what happens to George Bailey every year once the money turns up missing from the Savings and Loan. I always wonder if Ralphie will open up his Red Ryder BB gun on Christmas or not. I love seeing Clark decorate the house and I love seeing the Grinch’s heart grow. There is just something so romantic about the holiday season. There is one type of man that I would love to be under my tree when I wake up on Christmas morning. This man is not the most well-built but still yummy. This man is gorgeous and will do anything to make sure his lady smiles. My induction into The Hall of Hunks is perfect because he is every male lead in a Hallmark Christmas movie ever.

49812255794e339ce5fa5db7f701defdI am not joking when I say I love The Hallmark Channel during this time of year. There is just something about each male who stars in one of their own movies that really gets me going. It could be a father trying to give his children the perfect Christmas by taking them to the lodge and he runs into a stranger who ends up being the love of his life. I really wish I could get that lucky. A girl can dream, or at least have the imaginary belief something like this would happen. The guy always seems to be just the perfect combination of manly and emotional to start together forever with. I really wish men like this existed in the world because if I ever find one I am going to scoop him up, or tie him up….whichever comes first.

The male lead in every Hallmark Christmas movie is perfect for the Hall of Hunks because he is Prince Charming who also happens to have one role in every television show ever. Hopefully when I wake Christmas morning, I will have the perfect Hallmark man under my tree so we can bake cookies, watch movies, and fill a stocking.