FullSizeRenderHello friends! Long time no talk. Last summer I was diagnosed with Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease (MSK). I went to the ER in pain, was referred to a kidney Doctor. This wasn’t a big deal to me. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) runs in my moms family. My grandpa died of it, as did my uncle Roy. My uncle Don has had 2 kidney transplants and my mom has had one. I pray daily that is all she has to have. My sisters have had problems off and on, I just figured it was time for me to start getting my Creatinine checked. None of my sisters have had their kidneys quit, so I figured I was still good but needed to start going to the doc regularly.

While we all had the UTI’s and the Kidney Infections, no one but myself had had a stone before. That was during my first pregnancy. So when I was diagnosed with MSK, I was in shock. I don’t have PKD.  The only thing I really heard the doctor say after “You have MSK and your kidneys produce stones” was “so far there’s been nothing linking MSK to PKD so you’ve got a good chance of your kidneys not failing”. Which is great! No one wants to sit in a dialysis chair. Plus, I’m not good with needles or seeing my own blood.

IMG_3112What does it mean? It means I’m usually in pain. I have very few days that I don’t hurt. It also means when a stone is on the move,  I can’t hardly function. The pain is nearly unbearable. I can’t sit still so I pace and cry. Cage hates those days. He doesn’t like to feel helpless and there is nothing he can do. Get pain pills. I hear that a lot. I do have some. They don’t always work. My body builds up a tolerance to things and after so many, I might as well be taking a placebo. Plus all the pill poppers and sellers make is so hard to get anything for the people who actually need it.

They call MSK an invisible disease.  You can’t see what’s wrong with me. You can tell I’m in pain when I’m having a bad day. Or bad days. Sometimes it’s weeks. I’m still a wife, a mom, and I have a job. Life must go on, through the pain.

Thanks guys for reading. You rock!