FastlaneIf the road to Wrestlemania has taught me anything over the years, it is to expect nothing. I have learned this going into each and every February WWE event. Wrestlemania is a little over a month away, and we know nothing as to what will take place on the show of shows. It was not uncommon for WWE to not tell us what would be happening at Mania till a month before, but that was the 80s. Hell, the Silverdome in Michigan was announced as the host location within a month of the show, and they packed the house. It does help that Hogan and Andre sold that card. However, there is no Hogan and Andre now, so right now the only buzz in on the Mania name itself. The one thing that Fastlane will bring us is the notion that we will have some sort of main event put in place after tonight. It has been years since WWE has had me a little hyped up for the February PPV even going back to the days of the Elimination Chamber. Well, the 2016 edition of Fastlane has broken that streak.

I want to at least mention this before we break down the matches for the show. An edition of The Cutting Edge Peep Show will take place where Edge and Christian will have The New Day as guests. If anything this could be a train wreck or one of the best throwaway interview segments on a PPV since well ever. All 5 men involved should just be told to run with the moment. If anything this segment could be worth the price of admission alone.

20160201_FastlaneMATCH_KalistoDelRio-kickoff_1920x1080--972aa150b3caaa7cbc17b1690b07194eThe US Championship Match

I have an issue with this being on the preshow. Del Rio and Kalisto have consistently had wonderful matches. So why put this match on the preshow even when it has the stipulation of two out of three falls? If you want the crowd to start hot, this is the match that will give that to you. But I have feeling that it may be kind of difficult to follow the rematch between these two. The match should be great as usual, with I believe Kalisto retaining the title to defend it some sort of multi-man match at Wrestlemania this year. Del Rio wins fall number one. Kalisto wins fall two with a roll up. Kalisto will hit the Salida Del Sol after interference goes wrong from Barrett or Rusev.

2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_owensziggler--82efb09f590b45aee161ec60d1cdb869The IC Championship

If there is one thing about WWE right now compared to any other time in the history of the company including the attitude era, there are a lot of guys who can have a tremendous match. It seems the company is in this interesting transition period. The next era should be called the NXT Era. One of the biggest names to come through NXT won the IC title back this past Monday on Raw. Kevin Owens is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he proves it each and every week. Tonight, Owens defends the title against Dolph Ziggler. The two have had some amazing matches on WWE programming for the last month. Tonight, it is for the belt and has the possibility to steal the show and have match of the night. I believe Owens goes into Mania as champion. So KO gets the win.

2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_CharlotteBrieBella--748daf16a418a50f58aa4508676bf74aThe Divas Championship

The emotion for a title match is here, but here is the thing, I feel this match may fall flat. I have nothing against Brie Bella or Charlotte for that matter, but the match is being overshadowed by Daniel Bryan’s retirement. That does harm the match because it takes away from the possibility of what could be a good match. Charlotte will get the win, unless the random surprise moment is in store for the people. I do not think they will go down that route this time, but Charlotte will walk into Wrestlemania as the champion.

2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_BeckySashaNaomiTamina--14d88889747dc41d98d5306744e99493The Divas Tag Match

I am really ecstatic that this match was not put on the preshow for Fastlane. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks needs a moment to show what they can bring to the table and this will be the perfect match to do so. Tamina and Naomi attacked Sasha after the breakup of Team BAD leading to Sasha being saved by Becky Lynch. All 4 women will get their moment in this match and I think a lot of fans will be impressed at what Naomi can do in the ring. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks get the win and head into Mania with a ton of momentum.

2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_AjStylesJericho--487ce6a20cfac2fcb3d4e6722c380a09Styles Vs Jericho 3

I love this feud already. Two quality matches down and tonight I can honestly see this being their best match in the series. I do want to say this rivalry reminds a lot of what TNA did when Kurt Angle came into the company in 2005. The rivalry with Joe was thrown together right out of the gate, and it led to some amazing matches. The same premise is happening with these two. AJ Styles is going to pick up the win tonight with possibly another new move to WWE fans. However, where does the Phenomenal One and Y2J end up when it comes Wrestlemania time? I really think they should have held this match off as long as possible and make it for Mania.

2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_8Man--7131dad3e4105acf79257f853921cc57The Six Man Tag Challenge.

The bathroom break match. I have nothing against the 6 men in this match, as Luke Harper is quickly becoming one of my favorite in-ring workers. My problem here is that it was thrown together at the last minute with guys that we do not have the same feelings for that we had say 3 years ago. Big Show and Kane have been the consummate performers week in and week out, but Ryback is the kind of the odd man out. The Wyatts will look strong here to help build up Wrestlemania.

2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_TripleThreat--7f0c447f9e1799090b2d23947f21b47cThe #1 Contender Triple Threat Match

This match intrigues the fan in me so much. I think that going into this match I believed that Roman was going to win and that was going to be the end of it. There is nothing going to change that. Well, until Dean Ambrose lost his IC title on Raw and now I am sitting here debating between all three guys. Roman makes sense because he never received his rematch after HHH won the Rumble. Retribution is there, and could make for a huge turnout. Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest stars as of right now. Him winning the match could very well happen since they have been teasing Lesnar Vs HHH 3. And finally, I am not sure if it comes across on television as much as it does in person but Ambrose is the most popular guy in the company. Ambrose chasing for the title makes sense. So who wins? I am still saying Roman wins but it is close. I would not be surprised if one of the others get the victory.

That does it for our Fastlane predictions. Hopefully by the end of the night, some matches for Mania will start coming together. We our just a month away from our first live interactive show, which will be all things wrestling. More details in the coming weeks.