3497The year is 2016, and one would think that being yourself is something that would be truly appreciated instead of looked down upon. It may just be the part of the country that I am living in, but anything different from what everyone’s perceived notion of normal is looked upon with a closed minded Resting Bitch Face. The name Jordan Raskopoulos may not be familiar with you but hopefully by the time you hear her story, the name will be. Jordan is a third of the comedy band The Axis of Awesome, which is best known for their song 4 Chords. Well, Jordan over a year ago shaved a beard and the internet did what the internet does best, speculate. Yesterday, the singer posted a video about why the beard is gone for good. Jordan came out as Transgender. The one thing that a lot of us can take from her coming out is this: Life is too short to be depressed. I am excited to see what the future holds for the band and if you get a chance to see them live, do so. The Axis of Awesome will make you laugh so hard, that your stomach might think you tried the Insanity workout. The reason we are posting Jordan’s coming out story is this, we want all of you to not be afraid to be who you are. Seriously, Live Life, Fuck Haters!