www.amymartinphotography.comAfter his performance Saturday night at Joe’s Live in Rosemont for the official Lee Brice After-Party, Dylan Scott is proving to be a force to be reckoned with as he completely blew the roof off the place with his stellar live show. Between his southern charm, solid stage presence, and awe-inspiring voice, I definitely think it’s fair to say the Louisiana native has officially won over the Windy City. And the fact that he is one of the most handsome men you will ever lay eyes on certainly doesn’t hurt, just ask any number of screaming females at the show that night. One thing is for sure, though, and that’s that Dylan Scott is the whole package and then some.

At a time in country music when so many new artists have such a similar sound and are even from the same state, it takes a special kind of musician to come along and really out sparkle the rest. Dylan Scott is the perfect blend of traditional and modern country music, with just the right mix of pop, hip hop and R&B thrown in for some extra flavor. This makes sense, though, since as the Louisiana native explained to me, he grew up listening to and eventually idolizing traditional country music icons like Keith Whitley, whom Scott refers to as his “Elvis and personal hero.” Like any well rounded music fan, Scott is also influenced by more modern music. His eclectic taste is turned up full blast during his live shows when he takes those pop, hip hop and R&B influences, turning them into flawless, crowd-pleasing covers.

Some of the singer’s favorite non-country songs to cover live include “Buy You a Drink” (T-Pain), “Ignition Remix” (R Kelly), “Let’s Get It On” (Marvin Gaye), “Earned It” and Can’t Feel My Face” (The Weekend). Another pop cover and personal favorite in the singer’s set list includes the mega smash hit “Love Yourself,” because as Scott revealed, last year he became a “Belieber” when Justin Bieber released the ever so popular Purpose album.

Country singer Dylan Scott. Photo by Idaho Falls music photographer Brad Barlow, B2X Photo

Country singer Dylan Scott. Photo by Idaho Falls music photographer Brad Barlow, B2X Photo

“That album just had so many good lyrics and beats to it,” Scott explained to me on the phone. While his love for The Biebs is strong, Scott’s love for 90’s country is stronger, favoring artists like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, George Strait, and most importantly Tim McGraw. When asked who his dream collaboration would be with, Scott took no time in responding with Tim, expressing his ideal tour would be opening for the fellow Louisiana local. That’s not to say he hasn’t learned tremendously from current Life Off My Years tour and record label mate, as well as buddy, Lee Brice, though. Having only positive things to say about him, Scott expressed nothing but gratitude toward Brice for including him in the tour.

While he may make it look easy, Scott is nothing but dedicated and determined. Aside from touring with Lee, the dynamic singer has also been busy finishing up his debut full length album, scheduled to be released sometime in the middle of June. Scott described the album as “having something for everyone,” hoping that “even if someone doesn’t like every song, at least they can find one song they really like.” Given the success of the songs Dylan has already released, there’s no doubt the album will be anything short of incredible seeing how the few new songs he performed Saturday night, much like everything else he did, appeared to go over extremely well with the fans. And like everyone else, Scott is embracing social media by teasing fans with clips of the new songs from in the studio, as well as a special and highly entertaining impromptu acoustic hotel jam session.

scottThere are certain artists who, while they are vocally talented, just do not have a stage presence. Dylan Scott is not one of those people. This southern charmer not only knows how to engage and entertain a crowd, but does so in a way that leaves a lasting impression and impact on his listeners. Scott is not only a captivating performer, but a highly charismatic human being in general. With his resilient work ethic, enigmatic personality, and endless talent, Dylan Scott is slowly but surely taking country music on what will only be a whirlwind of a damn good time, all while keeping the down home morals and gratitude one can truly appreciate from someone of his stature.

From the first time I saw him perform live, I knew this was a guy who had something special to contribute to country music. I knew this was a guy worth making it a point to see every time he comes to town. When someone this gifted and unique comes along, enough attention cannot be given to them. Forget the other names you’ve heard as the ones to watch for this year. Dylan Scott is the real deal and exactly what country music needs right now. He represents the tradition of all his favorite predecessors while embracing and adding to what’s currently happening in the scene. If you want to support someone genuine that not only represents but also encompasses everything country music is about, then support Dylan Scott.